Saturday, 31 October 2015

WE need everyone's help!

WE are driven to do what we do by the knowledge that we provide people across the globe, and of all ages, with a chance to jump on our vehicles and join us as we venture out on our daily safaris. We warmly welcome each and everyone, but must admit we are especially pleased when we see young adventurers join us.

This is why whenever we receive requests from schools or children's hospitals we try to give them an extra special experience. In doing so, we try to find a balance between making sure the children know it is their questions that are being answered and protecting their privacy by sharing as little info as possible.

Unfortunately, it appears that some of our viewers have been contacting a hospital from which we've featured questions to find out more about the children, or even have been sending them unsolicited gifts, and this has caused some issues. While these actions were no doubt well intended, in today's world it is scary for parents and guardians when strangers (to them) suddenly start trying to find out about and contact their children. If this continues it will result in those children no longer being allowed to send in questions to have answered by our presenters. And this is of course the last thing anyone wants!

Therefore we ask, no, urge, everyone to not risk the children's access to this little break from their everyday challenges by trying to find out which hospital (or school) they are in, by trying to find out anything about them, or by sending them presents. Even with the best of intentions, this is not in the best interest of the children.

Please, everyone, help us to continue to be allowed to take these and other children out of their beds and onto our vehicles. Look at it from their parents and guardians perspectives, or put yourself in their shoes, and do not, under any circumstances, try to initiate any form of contact with them or the institutions they are staying.

As always, we know we can count on your support in this!


23 Skidoo said...

Thank you Graham and WE , this message was greatly needed and everyone should or MUST abide by these wishes! Please respect these kids' anonymity so, they may enjoy these drives in the future! These kids and their parents have enough worries in their lives alreay much less worry bout their identities being known or their privacy invaded. thanks again Graham and WE team! I applaud you all for this!

Judy Tomkinson said...

Well said.
I personally love watching Wildearth Safari TV and get a lot of enjoyment from it so I can imagine the enjoyment and interest poorly children would gain from Safari TV. How sad that some people may spoil that enjoyment.

mio said...

I must admit, for me that is a first and as you say I am sure those who tried to contact were well intentioned. May they be blessed and find other creative ways to help mankind.

Gayle said...

Dear Peter,

I came across this blog while searching for a clip from one of the safaris therefore I had no idea this blog existed before then. The YouTube site and are the only connection I had to the safari. Might I suggest that you put your request or a link to this request of both of those sites?

Kind Regards,

Elin Fowler said...

Sad & quite pathetic that this needed to be posted, but it did. Thank you! Very often people think they are doing a caring thing but in situations like this it's totally inappropriate to try to contact a family in grief and a family we really don't even know. Let them grieve with their loved ones. Peace to the family!

bobi baha said...

thank you for posting this although this is the second time this "warning" has been posted

Marlies McDonald said...

I have to agree with the above; it is sad that it is necessary again and again because it will endanger the children's maybe only flight into a voyage that they may not otherwise be able to take. So people, be merciful and don't think of yourself - and that is what it is - stay with the program and let the kids enjoy this one pleasure they ma have!!!! Also, let their families have peace, PLEASE!!!!