Monday, 8 February 2016

#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Art in the Animals

Gini can't remember exactly how she discovered safariLIVE, but she is certainly glad she did. The retired elementary school teacher has been on safari once before, to Kenya in the 1970s, but says she has retold the stories of her "experiences there many, many times".

Cheetah - Credit: Virginia Moore
Gini has an interest in photography and technology and uses safariLIVE broadcasts to capture amazing images of the animals through screenshots and then creates colourful art with them using an app. She has clearly mastered it.

Junior, male lion - Credit: Virginia Moore

"I love photography and playing with iPhone apps. It is amazing what the Dreamscope app filters can do to the already awesome scenes from a live drive. They make them look like bold paintings!" Gini has created the images seen in this post and many others, which she often posts to the WildEarth.TV Facebook page.

Lioness on buffalo - Credit: Virginia Moore

She has recommended the safariLIVE experience to all her friends, especially those who are still teaching and molding "young, absorbing minds". "Seeing life as it happens, with new beginnings, and necessary endings, takes your heart on a roller coaster of emotions. Being able to witness that again, without the cost of a plane ticket, or expense of travel time is brilliant! Having expert guides with charming and hilarious personalities, who will answer any of your questions is a real plus."

If you have an interesting story to tell about your #safariLIVE experience, and would like to be featured in a future #safariLIVE Viewer Profile, contact us with your contributions, photo and video submissions at You could be interviewed next!

The Cat Report - 1 February - 5 February 2016

Monday the 1st of February:

The week is off to a roaring start with the Nkuhuma pride still within their home territory on Djuma and Arathusa. James managed to catch up with the cats on the sunrise drive, they are fat, flat and well fed off yet another buffalo kill made during the night. Buffalo certainly seem to be a particular favourite and specialty of the Nkuhuma Pride. The pride spend the remains of the daylight hours basking in the sun and shade enjoying their kill. Later that afternoon Jamie heads over to see what the lions have been up to. Only one lioness remains on the kill to protect it from would be scavengers like the vultures waiting patiently above or the hyena’s sniffing around the area. This beachball shaped lioness spent the entire afternoon asleep or snacking and by the time the sun sets on the sunset safari she is well established in this pattern.

Nkuhuma lioness.jpg
(Nkuhuma Lioness, Screenshot Credit: MJ Bradley, safariLIVE, Arathusa)

The very same day Scott discovers Karula hiding away in a small dark cave located in the heart of the Milawati drainage line. He remarks at how interesting this is for the Queen as she is usually highly mobile and does not spend huge amounts of time in one place. This leads to the theory that she is possibly pregnant and close to giving birth, hence she is looking for good denning sites. This theory is only strengthened later in the day when Brent returns on the sunset safari only to find her in the exact same place. Eventually she becomes mobile and walks a short distance, she stops for a drink, defecates and then very interestingly covers the feces up. This is a clear indication to Brent that she definitely doesn’t want any other predators to know she is in the area adding yet more speculation to her current condition.

(Karula, Screenshot Credit: MJ Bradley, safariLIVE, Djuma)

To the west, Tingana was discovered with a substantial zebra kill on the Arathusa dam wall. Jamie went through for a brief visit, he wasn’t up to much and spent the afternoon resting in the shade and snacking from time to time on his meal.
Tingana with zebra kill.jpg
(Tingana, Screenshot Credit: Tingana Male Leopard Facebook Page, safariLIVE, Arathusa)

Tuesday the 2nd of February

Celebrations and high spirits are the way of the day as WE  along with our safariLIVE viewers welcome Djuma’s newest arrival(s). The Queen has given birth, Brent and Andrew are the dynamic duo who made this wonderful discovery. It seems all the speculation and guesswork was correct, Karula has indeed chosen this cave to give birth and den for the first few weeks of her offspring's life. It is not yet confirmed how many cubs she has given birth to, only time and patience will tell. It is not accepted practice to view newborn leopard cubs and once the expert guides, trackers and rangers feel it is appropriate we will then be able to get to know this new bundle of fluff!

The Nkuhuma Pride was spotted again today on Arathusa. Fat and flat as ever, safariLIVE presenter Scott Dyson pops through to get a quick update on how the cats are doing. They were at the height of laziness during the afternoon heat and it’s not long before Scott lets sleeping lions lie.

Nkuhuma lioness 2 feb.jpg
(Nkuhuma Lioness, Screenshot credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Arathusa)

Wednesday the 3rd of February 2016

A fantastic treat today from some of our non-feline characters. The Sands wild dog pack have returned to Arathusa and spent the morning coursing through the bush terrorising everything that got in their way. Once on Djuma the pack happily chased elephants and antelope around the Quarantine clearings area while safariLIVE presenter James and camera operator Andrew were on foot in the same area! The dogs eventually make a kill and devoured it in mere minutes before racing out of our traverse.

Sands pack 3 feb.jpg
(Wild Dog - Sand Pack, Screenshot Credit: Linda McCaslin, safariLIVE, Arathusa)

Later that evening Tingana is found by Jamie prowling his territory on Djuma. He’s not the happiest looking leopard this afternoon. His zebra kill was stolen by hyena and to top it off he’s been having stomach complaints all afternoon. The heat of the day is also against him and he is visibly wary whilst patrolling and scent marking. Eventually he goes flat and sleeps in the cooling evening shade until night falls and it’s time to leave.

Thursday the 4th of February 2016

Tingana has been found again on Djuma, also by Jamie on the sun rise drive. He’s clearly feeling better has she finds him on a freshly made warthog kill. He’s already looking rounder when we find him and he spent the morning feeding and relaxing in the shade of a tree. Later in the morning, with the entire kill consumed, he becomes mobile and WE follow him until the close of the sunrise safari.

He’s found again later that afternoon, this time lying up away from the heat of the day in the cooling shade of the bush. Perhaps he was still digesting his breakfast as all he seemed interested in doing was a small amount of grooming and a large amount of sleeping. Once the day has cooled off and the sun is set he decided it was time for a territory tour and made his way through the bush scent marking and patrolling until the end of the sunset safari.

Tingana 4 feb.jpg
(Tingana, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma)

That same afternoon the Nkuhuma pride was found by Brent, Jamie and Stef on the safariLIVE tracking team. They called in James who rushed over to see what the lions were up to. As he arrived the lionesses were keenly watching our daring trackers as they made their way back to the tracking vehicle. Then it was back to the afternoon catnaps. It seems only 3 of the lionesses were present that afternoon leaving the whereabouts of the other two a mystery for the time being. 

inkuhuma lioness 4 feb.jpg
(Nkuhuma Pride, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma)

Friday the 5th of February 2016

The lions have moved, although not by much. They were found in the morning on Arathusa, James heads through to see if they got up to anything interesting during the night. It appears indeed they had, although there was no kill or visible injuries present, one of the lionesses is walking with a pronounced limp. It is indeed a mystery as to what may have caused her injury, at this point only speculations about what may have happened could be put forward. Maybe she’d been injured in a failed hunt or tussle with a pride member? Maybe she simply stood on an irksome thorn and had some difficulty getting it out. Whatever the reason, she was in no danger from it and should make a full recovery soon.

That afternoon Jamie heads through to see what the cats have been up to during the heat of the day. The answer is, absolutely nothing. They are fast asleep when Jamie arrives, the do not even move a hot fluffy ear as the vehicle moves into the sighting and reposition's around them. Jamie eventually leaves the thrilling scene and Brent returns later to see if the cats show any signs of movement. They do not, we then leave them for the evening and hope to find them again tomorrow.

flat nkuhuma lionesses 5 feb.jpg
(Nkuhuma Lionesses, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Arathusa)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Cat Report - 25 January - 31 January 2016

Thursday 28 January 2016

It’s been a quiet start to the week in terms of spotting cats on the safariLIVE drives. Yet this doesn’t stop the animals from making their territorial rounds, Shadow was found this morning on Nkorho. She’s didn’t get up to much and spent most of the day lying quietly in the shade of the African bush. This is quite some distance from her normal range on Arathusa and Djuma. We are all wondering what made her travel here.

Shadow at Nkorho.jpg
(Image Credit: Chene Diane Wales-Baillie, 28 January 2016, Nkorho Bush Lodge, Sabi Sands)

Later that same day, Karula was spotted on Buffelshoek after being somewhat elusive over the past week. She’d made a duiker kill and hoisted it up a tree on Buffelshoek cutline just over the Djuma boundary. Scott went through to check it out on the sunset safari after being alerted to her presence by one of the guest vehicles. However, upon arrival Karula had moved off and in the queen’s own true style, goes flat meters from the boundary yet well hidden from the safariLIVE cameras.

Karula Buffelshoek 28 Jan 2016.jpg
(Karula, Image credit: Jors Dannhauser, 28 January 2016, Buffelshoek Sabi Sands)

Mvula was also found today on Cheetah Plains. He hasn’t been looking well in recent weeks, his age is starting to show with his ever greying face and his physical decline. Though it seems he was successful in making a kill during the night, hopes are that he will regain some of his former bulk and health with a good meal.

Friday 29 January 2016

A special treat today from the leopards! Tingana has been spotted on Djuma and he’s in the company of Thandi, a 9 year old female, daughter of Karula and sister to Shadow. The pair have been busy mating through the night and WE managed to catch up with them on safariLIVE. Thandi is not usually seen in this area, although her territory is rather close to both Karula and Shadow’s territories on Djuma and Arathusa respectively.

Tingana and Thandi Djuma 29 Jan.jpg
(Tingana [left], Thandi [right], Screenshot credit: Kaarina Pietiäinen‎, 29 Jan 2016, safariLIVE)

Mvula has been found again today, the meal has done him good, he spends a good portion of the afternoon patrolling and scent marking his territory. As a result of his aging body he is continually being pushed further and further east away from his original core territory. This is mainly as a result of Tingana being pushed from his original territory by a massive male known as the Anderson Male.

Mvula Djuma 29 jan 2016.jpg
(Mvula, Screenshot credit: Gabi Hossain, 29 January 2016, safariLIVE)

Saturday 30 January 2016

The Nkuhuma pride have been found again! This time on Arathusa, they are healthy and on the move. But the heat of the day catches up with the lions and the cats decide it’s time to find a shady spot to rest up, hidden away from the sweltering sun. Scott manages to catch up with the pride again on the sunset safari, however the cats are still flat as ever and the most we get out of them is a few short walks. Both sightings today only consisted of 4 lionesses, and it remains a mystery as to the whereabouts of the 5th Nkuhuma lioness.  
Nkuhuma lioness, Brent, Andrew Djuma 30 Jan 2016.jpg
(Nkuhuma Lioness [left], Andrew & Brent [right], Screenshot credit: Becky Horn, 30 Jan 2016, safariLIVE)

The mating pair of leopards were spotted again, this time on Nkhoro, however, this time there was a third wheel present. It seems that Karula heard all the mating fuss during the night and decided to go and check out the female leopard encroaching her territory. Thandi has only ventured this far out of her own territory to mate, Karula is aware of this. There wasn’t too much aggression shown by either cat although the odd hiss and growl was definitely exchanged. Further reports indicate that Karula also mated once or twice with Tingana before heading off.

To the west, Thandi’s sister, Shadow has made a successful kill and hoisted into a tree on Arathusa, yet she is nowhere in sight. Jamie heads through to the location, during the sunset safari in the hopes that Shadow had returned to her unfinished kill. She’s is in luck, Shadow was present and it seems as though she had just finished feeding. Soon after WE arrive Shadow became mobile and leaped gracefully between the trees before heading off on her evening patrol.

(Shadow, Screenshot credit: Gabi Hossain, 30 January 2016, safariLIVE)

Sunday 31 January 2016

The Nkuhuma’s were found again, still within their former territory and the pride had made a successful buffalo kill during the night. The lionesses were fat, flat and happy on Arathusa when WE caught up with them. It seems they are finally comfortable enough with the presence of the Birmingham Boys to return to their core territory. Good news also arrives from the east, the 5th member of the pride has been found on Cheetah Plains in the company of one of the marauding Birmingham Boys. The pair have been mating and whether this is due to a natural oestrous cycle or a gesture of goodwill from the lioness, it can only spell good news for the Nkuhuma pride future.

Nkuhuma lioness 31 Jan 2016.jpg
(Nkuhuma lioness, Screenshot credit: Gabi Hossain, 31 January 2016, safariLIVE)

Tingana and Thandi have now moved into Chitwa Chitwa, it seems Karula’s presence was not truly welcome and although she did mate with Tingana on a few occasions, she is nowhere to be found this morning. Thandi and Tingana continue their courtship throughout the day and late into the evening in and around the Chitwa Chitwa lodge.

Monday, 1 February 2016

#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Breakfast Safari Seniors

Every Wednesday morning, a group of enthusiastic viewers gathers around to have breakfast and watch sunset safariLIVE, from halfway around the world.

At The Retreat at Church Ranch Assisted Living in Colorado, Susie Dashiell and a dozen or so residents of the facility, have discovered the joys of jumping aboard the biggest safari vehicle in the world.


"I like to see the elephants more than anything," says 91 year old Bob. "Anytime you see animal life in motion, it's an eye opener; to see what animal life is really like."

Susie found safariLIVE 4 years ago after a trip to South Africa, which she says were the "most magical 10 days" of her life. "One year ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. WildEarth kept me company as I recovered from my surgery, and I watched it during my chemotherapy treatments. It was a reminder to me: I needed to get better so I could have another African adventure."

She has since shared this gift with her residents, who all have the same spirit of adventure. "Every Wednesday morning, about 12 of my Residents ranging in age from 69 to 97, gather around the television and virtually jump on the back of the Land Rovers and enjoy Safari," she says. "We keep a poster on the wall listing all the animals and birds we see.  It's so exciting to add to the list."

LaFaunn, a 97 year old resident, is the oldest of the Breakfast Safari attendees. "I especially love the babies", she says. "I like having something to look forward to.  I love the presenters.  I learn something new from them every time."

She also graced their Glamorous Grannies calendar in full leopard print in honor of Breakfast Safari.
"I have wanted to go to Africa my whole life, in a way, it doesn't make it any easier not to go, because it looks so beautiful. On the other hand, it feels like I go every Wednesday."

LaFaunn, 97

WE're happy to have these dedicated adventurers as a part of our ever growing safariLIVE family. Join us, the Breakfast Safari team and the rest of our viewers for our sunrise and sunset drives, daily at or

If you have an interesting story to tell about your #safariLIVE experience, and would like to be featured in a future #safariLIVE Viewer Profile, contact us with your contributions, photo and video submissions at You could be interviewed next!

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Time Change For Sunrise safariLIVE

Sunrise over Sabi Sand

You may have already heard the guides mention that sunrise safariLIVE will be starting a little later starting February 1st. This coincides with the later sunrise we will experience here in South Africa.

Sunrise safariLIVE on Monday, February 1, 2016 will start 30 minutes later at 5:30am, and end at 8:30am CAT, so prepare for the small adjustment to our schedule. The change means sunrise drive now starts at 10:30pm ET and 7:30pm PT. Sunset drive will remain from 4:00pm until 7:00pm CAT.

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you continue to join us for our live adventures. See you on drive!