Saturday, 24 June 2017

WE welcome back a safariLIVE favourite, the return of Scott Dyson!

Can you BELIEVE it? That’s right safarians, the one and only Scott Dyson will be returning to WildEarth and of course safariLIVE!

(Scott Dyson, safari guide)

After taking a 15 month hiatus from safariLIVE he is fired up and excited to return to the live safari experience in the Maasai Mara! Over the past year he has been hard at work in Samburu around the central region of Kenya. This means that he is extremely familiar with the country as a whole but it  will be his first time presenting to you LIVE from the Maasai Mara.

BLSPhoto (26 of 26).jpg
(Scott enjoys some time spent with the wild dogs, Image Credit: Brent Leo-Smith)

Scott’s infectious energy, smile and character have been missed hugely.  WE are truly over-the-moon with his decision to rejoin the safariLIVE team here in Kenya!

BLSPhoto (7 of 26).jpg
(Scott on the hunt with the pack, Image Credit: Brent Leo-Smith)

With years of experience in both the South and East African wilderness areas his return is highly anticipated! Welcome back Scotty D, WE can’t wait to jump on the back of Paka, Kito and Mila with you and explore the vast expanse of the Maasai Mara!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Cat Report: 16 June - 23 June 2017

Nkuhuma Pride


(Nkuhuma pride, Image credit: danny nl prox)

16 June - On afternoon drive the Nkuhumas were lying around when WE found them. They later decided to provide some entertainment by getting up and alertly following another predator, a leopard, which promptly gave them the slip. After some grooming they moved off where WE cannot follow.

21 June - The morning dawned with zebra alarm calls ringing through the air. WE went to investigate and found the source of the calls: One of the zebras had been taken down in the early morning hours and the Nkuhumas were feasting on the carcass when WE found them.


Tingana _ Joy.png
(Tingana, Image credit: Joy)

19 June - After having an absence of spots for a couple of days, WE found Tingana ambling along the road on the early morning drive. WE followed him for about an hour before he left the traverse area.

22 June - Tingana was seen in the distance, eyes glowing, on Little Gowrie for a few minutes before the show ended in true “last minute leopard” fashion.

Birmingham Boys

19 June - As evening descended on Djuma, One of the Birmingham males was seen walking down the road and marking his territory as he moved along. WE followed him down the road until he crossed out of the property.



(Nchila, Image credit: Patricia Scott)

20 June - Early morning, WE were very pleasantly surprised to find a young female leopard that WE didn’t recognise at first glance. The rare visitor to our property was none other than Nchila, grand daughter of Salayexe. She was clearly agitated and darted out of sight after a few minutes.

Angama Pride

Agama pride _NDS.png
(Angama Girls, Image credit: MDS)

20 June - WE found the Angama lion pride dozing in the long grass.

22 June - WE caught up with the Angama girls on morning drive sitting alert in the grass and again on afternoon drive moving off about to start their night- time adventures.

Wild Dogs: Sands Break- away pack

Sand break-away pack_Sierra.png

(Sands break-away pack, Image credit: MA)

21 June - WE had a wonderful morning filled with lions, leopards and then some wild dogs to top it all off. WE found the Sands Break Away pack quenching their thirst at Chitwa dam when WE caught up with them.


(Thandi, Image credit: Sierra)

21 June - WE found Thandi with her handsome son Thamba drinking at a pan of water. They then went walking through the grass and attempted to hunt a waterbuck.

22 June - Thandi gave WE a welcome surprise she was walking through the long grass, Thamba in tow, and crossed into the Djuma territory. She disappeared into the grass leaving Thamba behind.


Thumb _ James Richard.png
(Thamba, Image credit: James Richard)

21 June - Thamba and his mother Thandi were found drinking, they then proceeded to walk through the grass and Thandi left Thamba for an attempt at hunting. He was left to call after his mom as she vanished.

22 June - Thamba was seen walking behind Thandi and then later opting to pose nicely on a termite mound looking inquisitively at his onlookers with his bright eyes.

Shadow and cub

Shadow and Cub_Ali.png
(Thandi and Cub, Image credit: Ali)

23 June - WE found Shadow and her young cub as they were eating breakfast on the windy morning drive. Shadow moved from her perch on the termite mound to a shady spot in the grass uninterested in her admirers.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Animal Rights Awareness WEek

photo cred: James Hendry

The week of June 17 – June 23 2017 has been designated as Animal Rights Awareness Week. Animal rights awareness hopes to educate the needs of animals around the world, highlighting the fact that all living things have rights and need to be shown compassion, recognition and protection. WE would like to participate and help create awareness for our beloved animals in Africa. As you know we have many endangered animals in Africa, whose rights are at risk. A few of them we are lucky enough to watch LIVE on our daily drives. 
WE would like to celebrate these creatures and remind ourselves and others that their lives matter. 

This is where you come in, WE would like you to vote for an African animal for each day this week so we can raise awareness for the special species. We will create a post on FB and Twitter where you can nominate your animal of choice on the comments section below or tweet your nomination followed by #safariLIVE. 
We will count the votes and the following day we will create a post to celebrate the life of the chosen animal and if we’re lucky even see it on the safariLIVE drive. 

Don’t forget to keep voting throughout the week for your nominated animal.  

Friday, 16 June 2017

Cat report : 9 June - 16 June 2017

Cat report : 9 June - 16 June

Due to popular demand, it was decided to continue publishing the blog version of the cat report. The report will summarise the movements of all cats seen during the week under their respective headings instead of following a daily report.

Birmingham Boys

Gecko Bboy.png
(Birmingham boy, Image credit: Gecko)

10 June - WE caught up with a member of the  dominant male coalition, the Birmingham Boys, as he was dozing in the road before getting up and moving off to Torchwood

12 June - WE heard a lion calling throughout the night and the next morning managed to find him in person as he was walking along Vuyatela dam and calling to his brothers

15 June - On morning Safari WE saw the powerful form of a Birmingham male stalking through the mist. WE followed him a while until he disappeared into the thick bush


(Tingana,  Image credit: Ali)

13 June - WE saw Tingana as he appeared in the tall grass and moving on to quench his thirst lapping at the water contentedly


Jason Jones hosana.png
(Hosana,  Image credit: Jason Jones)

9 June - WE caught up with Hosana as he was walking in the road and then attempting to climb a tree, but thought better of it.

12 June -Hosana came bounding out of the bush to catch WE by surprise as he attempted to hunt an impala unsuccessfully

WE was pleasantly surprised at Hosana’s presence when he was lying in the road as WE came around the bend on sunset safari

13 June- WE caught up with Hosana where he was moving through the tall grass before losing sight of him


Hosana_ 12 June.jpg
(Thamba,  Image credit: Tayla)

12 June - WE found Thamba on the road lying regally, he then promptly got up and attempted to hunt a francolin unsuccessfully.

Nkuhuma Pride

(Nkuhuma Pride, Image credit: Gecko)

16 June - The Nukuhuma’s warmed up WE’s cold winter morning when WE found them lying cuddled up together in what can only be described as a lion blanket. The cubs were dozing away and would groom each other on occasion.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Some changes in the Sabi Sands for WildEarth


As many of you know the webcam at the Djuma waterhole is one of the oldest wildlife webcams in the world! It was installed by Africam back in 1998 and has pretty much broadcasted unbroken for 19 years.

The camera has been controlled by our volunteer zoomies for some years now. In addition to a source of many hours of viewing enjoyment by safarians around the world it has also been a popular way to listen to the bush. WE really find it useful when viewers let us know what has come down to drink in the night and this has often led to our team finding lions, leopards, etc. faster because we know where to start tracking.

However, in spite of a few upgrades along the way the camera and audio is now not of the quality that WE and Djuma are capable of or want to broadcast. For this reason Djuma and WildEarth have decided to do a complete reinstallation and upgrade on this camera. We will be improving both video and audio quality. We hope that this will all be done by the end of July …

WE have also had to take the difficult decision to not renew our traversing agreements on both Cheetah Plains and Arathusa. Not because there is anything wrong with this traversing [on the contrary] or because we don’t want/need more traversing, but rather because the current traversing rental model that WE has been following is just too expensive to scale.

Now that WE have added the Mara to our shows it has become quite obvious that we need much much more traversing in the Sabi Sands in order to deliver on its huge potential. But if we were to attempt such a traversing expansion with the current costing model it would be economically completely unviable.

The only way to traverse a much much larger area of the Sabi Sands and unlock its full potential is to have a much lower impact on each property. This would mean that WE would need to move from area to area for a few days at a time rather than drive every day on each property. It is our hope that this lower impact over a larger area will make the “marketing value” of safariLIVE sufficient for the Sabi Sands and the various properties in it to allow our wider traversing. Of course it would also mean that you, our viewers, would get to meet many more of the animal characters that you have only read about as well as former regulars that have moved out of our current traversing range.

Its our plan to start reaching out to all the various properties in the Sabi Sands in the next few months after WE have everything working properly in the Mara. So please bear with us as we temporarily reduce our traversing in the Sabi Sands so that we can eventually show you much much more of this magnificent area that WE call home.

This temporary reduction in traversing will also allow us to upgrade the Gowrie repeater [on Djuma] and install a new repeater in Chitwa Chitwa which will  improve our signal coverage on Chitwa Chitwa as well as on parts of Djuma, most notably the Twin Dams area and the Mlilwati river bed.