Tuesday, 6 May 2008

WildEarth TV update.

As many of you know, Telkom Media licenses the LIVE WildEarth video on the Internet. Telkom Media were granted a license to set up a pay TV service in South Africa last year and they are planning to include WildEarth as a TV channel on this service. Their primary funding shareholder, Telkom South Africa, has decided to sell a significant portion of their stake in Telkom Media and this has created some funding delays for our client. WE are 100% committed to creating a High Definition LIVE TV channel and will wait for Telkom Media to resolve their issues.
In the meantime WE are busy working on quite a number of very exciting projects, including a book about our first year that should be available to purchase in the next week or so, a WE social network, a full WE clothing range, a brand new and very exciting website and distribution onto mobile phones in various parts of Europe and the world.
All of us at WE and Djuma appreciate the support that you have given us over the years and we hope that we can count on that support and understanding during this difficult and challenging time. WE are on a quest to take wildlife to the world LIVE ... its in our nature. WE will never give up!


Anonymous said...

What exciting changes are in the wind for you all. Good luck with it all. - an aussie with a passion for all things african.

plinkplinkfizz76 said...

WOHOO niether myself or my mum can wait for all the new changes, WELL DONE WE, you deserve it, to be able to go on live drives with you is so wonderful, especially as i cant get out there to join in the fun :( this is the closest i will ever get, keep up the fantastic work
emma from uk

Stacy said...

That is an exciting announcement! Congrats! It must feel wonderful to be recognized for all of your hard work this past year. I cant wait for updates as to how the tv endeavor goes!

Anonymous said...

this is more a question than a comment. I guess I am not clear on what is happening. What does this mean to those of us who watch the gamedrives everyday. Will they still be available on the internet. Will their be a charge to view them on the internet.