Friday, 9 May 2008

Tanks for all the memories.

I've been writing something else, which I'll finish tonight, but last night whilst driving, I thought of the tank..
and I wrote something down I thought you might enjoy, maybe appreciate.
a toast to the Tank
the Tank, the Tank
he was old and worn
with many operations and scars healed..
Oh, but he drank, he drank
he drank petrol and oil and parts,
he drank brake fluid, clutch fluid, water and sweat.
sometimes he coughs and
sometimes he(you heard it) he farts!
but he was the first, even with his thirst and the Tank went, right to the end.
through every dip, and turn, and bump,
'round every bend..
and the Tank never sank.
he took you there,
there, there and there
big, bulky and bold.
now he'll be sold.
and become just a car,
forgotten and old.
but he drove in the Sabie Sand,
on the internet and youtube,
on our beautiful earth,
since Wildearth's birth.
go look for him,
you'll find him there
'cause remember,
since WE went live,
he took you there.
my ode to the Tank,
so his story is told.
his stories
the Tank, the Tank
Written by Pieter Pretorius


Anonymous said...

Great write-up! I was thinking that it could also be titled "Tanks for the Memories".

AmandaLii said...

Ah, good old tank! Perhaps you could park Tank and Jika side-by-side so some of Tank's spirit can ease into Jika.

Anonymous said...

A very good read, Pieter. Makes me think that you (and the rest of the WE folks) are a tad sad, as well we all can be.

BarbaraE - North Carolina

MsCharlie said...

Well said Pieter. She was a grand old gal and got you guys out of many a tight spot. She will go down in history and remain in all our hearts and memories for ever.
Her heart ( steering wheel ) of which each of you left your mark on, should be saved, mounted, and put in a place of honor IMHO.

lynty said...

The Tank - she has stolen a part of your heart Pieter.
In spite of all the care and nurturing, gentle persuasion and deft handling she demanded and her fussy ways she was very much a part of the WE team and spirit. When she quit, it was only temporarily until you folks had coaxed her back on her wheels and relaunched her.
Thanks for the ride, dear Tank, for the memories and the spirit with which you sent live footage to the world. Wherever you may go take some of the bush derring-do and heart with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the tank is to be sold??!! I thought surely it would be bronzed and installed as a statue outside of FCC!

Camwatcher's Cafe

Valorie - MyAfrica said...

That was great, Pieter.

For good or bad, through the numerous flat's and starter blow outs, we all will always remember the Tank! =)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ode in the memory of the tank. He certainly was a trooper, kept on keeping on till the very end. In the spirit of the ceremony I tip my hat to the old thing, how it valiantly went wherever it was directed and gave its all until it could no longer run, when a little nip and tuck and a transplant or 2 and away he'd go again serving another day, I wish it all the best in it's retirement - an aussie with a passion for all things african

TexasBlonde said...

I did not have a full year with the tank but I got here as soon as I could. Thank you Pieter for reminding us of the many memories we have shared with her. I see she is still performing light duty around the camp. We can only hope to get as many years out of Jika as our dear Tank has served so faithfully.

Stacy said...

awwwwww you are just so sentimental Pieter! The Tank will be sorely missed by WE viewers as well. I sometimes find myself missing that big ol' spare tire that could be seen on all the drives...the tape on the steering wheel. I couldn't help but to chuckle at the "fart" comment. lol

kiotewoman said...

Well said Pieter. She is as much a part of our hearts as the rest of the WE gang and I think everyone misses her just a little. It seems odd not to see the tire out in front leading the way. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of going out on a drive with you will never forget her. And so I say, well done, good and faithful friend. Rest well.

Claire-M. from Karulaland said...

Do you know Pieter that you're almost the only one who talks about The Tank as a HE! For others, for Jan, HE is a SHE!

After reading your text I wrote a note for myself : "Remember to tell Pieter that The Tank is still driving in my dreams, so He is really a HE!"

I also miss the tire. And I suppose that Jan will miss it more than any others ... no more place to place a geese, an impala, a baboon ... if he tries his skill at it again ... it'll smell roasted meat for me here!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.