Sunday, 25 November 2007

Welcome Alex Sletten

This intrepid explorer makes a welcome addition to the WildEarth team. All the way from Norway this reptile enthusiast loves nothing more than messing with snakes in the bush. Not only is he a dab hand with all cameras, and has won many photographic competitions, he is also a self confessed adventure addict. He has walked across Iceland on foot and more recently spent time in the depths of the Congolese jungle. WE have high hopes for this Wild Boy.
In other news, Rex is back, Jan will be back in a week, Rob leaves on Wednesday ... the clutch cable is broken on the 'Tank' and WE will only be able to get a new one in Acornhoek tomorrow morning. As a result, WE, very apologetically, have to cancel both this afternoon's drive and tomorrow morning. There is unfortunately nothing else we can do.


Anonymous said...

Tarzan and WildEarth - it gets better and better!
Thank you, Rob, for all the wildlife you have showed us. Have a very good life.
I have learned a lot of things from all the WildEarth staff and there is one extra bonus - never buy or drive a Landrover!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Alex. Hope you enjoy your new job and have a great time working with the WE team. If they are like Pieter and Rexson you are defently going to have fun. It sounds as if your really a adventerous guy. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Alex. You are certainly giving us some wonderful camera views and great close ups. You appear to be a great addition to the WE family. I hope you love your new job and stay a long time.