Wednesday, 22 August 2007

No drive this afternoon!!

As I am sure all of you have noticed, WE have been having serious problems with our power on the game drive vehicle over the past few weeks. The problem has to do with the fact that WE have not been able to charge the batteries sufficiently between drives and this has started to damage them.

Currently we are working on a variety of short term solutions to this problem, but hopefully we will be beginning construction on two brand new vehicles in the not to distant future. The short term solutions will probably involve getting 10 new batteries in from Johannesburg as well as installing an uprated alternator in the vehicle. The broadcast system is very power hungry, which is also why WE have not been doing nearly as much IR filming as we would like recently. The IR lights consume a lot of the available power.

We understand your frustration with shortened drives and the sometimes regular stopping and restarting of the vehicle. We are also frustrated. Eventually all of these problems will be behind us and at least you will be able to say: "I was there at the beginning when WE was still figuring it all out."

Unfortunately WE will not have a drive this afternoon in order that we can fully charge all batteries as well as replace the inverter on the vehicle. Hopefully from tomorrow morning's drive things will begin to get a little better and from next week WE aim to be back up to full speed ... its in our nature.


Anonymous said...

Best Wishes, folks! I hope you get it all worked out and thanks for the update!
Wildcall (Bev) from the boma!

Kathy in WV said...

I personally really appreciate it when we are kept informed of things likt this. Once it's posted here in the blog word spreads rapidly throughout the many forums associated with the cams and this really helps.

Now to ask...why was the cam focused on the bottom of a tree & on the ground after the PM drive on 8/26 & remained there for hours (has been over 4 as of right now)instead of in a position where we could possibly see some animals?

Mike said...

I must say I am rather disapointed with WE lately.The camera is still very choppy.I don't think it's worth the bother.And if africam can let unlimited people in,why can't WE? there's no excuse for all of the problems to go in WE while Africam doesn't have any problems at all.If WE wants to start charging,count me out.Why should I pay to see WE when I can see Africam,or Pete's pond for free and with little trouble?