Thursday, 5 July 2007

Our Eye at Vuyatela is working again.

Well eventually the camera system at Gowrie dam in front of Vuyatela lodge is up and running again. Jan and Pieter found our ongoing gremlin. It turned out to be a very old electrical connection that had filled up with water and was causing that particular power circuit to trip.

The other good news is that through all the chaos we managed to sort out the audio from Buffelshoek dam (although there is still a little interference).

More good news! Tomorrow at 12h00 CAT WE will be having a third midday game drive ... with a server 'dump'. This drive will be presented by Reckson , a guide from Djuma Game Reserve. WE are very excited to be having a guest guide and the whole WildEarth team hope you enjoy this extra game drive.


Elaine said...

apologies..i just wrote a Welcome for Rexon..and i must have hit the incorrect comment,..LOL..and it's somewhere down below in the wrong place. aaaaaarrrgghhh!1
As soon as i can find, i will copy and paste it here,.

HI REXON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--tc said...

...and the bomites from the africam forum are already planning on being on ALL 3 DRIVES! you could have a drive every other hour and they would be taking up every slot available as they do now. the 'dumps' do nothing as they sit {already connected} and wait for it, then one click and they are on again. the 'dumps' are useless. for every n00bie out there i fight for their rights to view the drives. :)

Anonymous said...

the only good news would be that more people get connected, I try for days and no luck

Judy said...

What a treat to have the extra noon drive. Rexon is amazing. I use my computer mostly to LEARN about the Earth we live on. The detailed information about the trees, termites, waterbuck, elephants was fantastic. Thank you all so much for all you do to bring us this amazing gift of live Africa!

Elaine said...

Wow, Rexon..on the cam as presenter! lol We have missed you, Rexon, and your cam work as Djuma's Virtual Ranger and your vast knowledge of the animals and the bush.

and I recall most vividly, thru your pictures, one of the saddest moments on the old original africam safari drives. It was when the safari cam found that the Styx Pride had killed the entire Sandy Patch pride except for two of that prides' lions. The photos of those dead three cubs that you all found will always be with me. Those 3 cubs and their mother had been the Picture of the Year on AfriCam.

BUT on a brighter note?..i also recall you going it alone out on the drive when someone suddenly ill or on holiday....and you alone, did the driving, tracking/spotting, working the cam, using the radio and getting great pics for us.

..and my memory of your Boma posts for said, after watching a very touching and family moment with the vVuyatela troop of baboons, "See how they love each other"
I really will be clicking like mad to get a slot on the REXON NOON drive tomorrow.

Go well, old friend,

PS: Rexon, when WE announced that they needed staff for the Safari Drives, i was going to suggest that they steal you from Pippa and Jurie..!!! LOL I hope they don't read!
(The above is my post incorrectly psoted to wrong subject. this was posted on the 5th July originally. )