Monday, 19 June 2017

Animal Rights Awareness WEek

photo cred: James Hendry

The week of June 17 – June 23 2017 has been designated as Animal Rights Awareness Week. Animal rights awareness hopes to educate the needs of animals around the world, highlighting the fact that all living things have rights and need to be shown compassion, recognition and protection. WE would like to participate and help create awareness for our beloved animals in Africa. As you know we have many endangered animals in Africa, whose rights are at risk. A few of them we are lucky enough to watch LIVE on our daily drives. 
WE would like to celebrate these creatures and remind ourselves and others that their lives matter. 

This is where you come in, WE would like you to vote for an African animal for each day this week so we can raise awareness for the special species. We will create a post on FB and Twitter where you can nominate your animal of choice on the comments section below or tweet your nomination followed by #safariLIVE. 
We will count the votes and the following day we will create a post to celebrate the life of the chosen animal and if we’re lucky even see it on the safariLIVE drive. 

Don’t forget to keep voting throughout the week for your nominated animal.  

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