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Cat report : 9 June - 16 June 2017

Cat report : 9 June - 16 June

Due to popular demand, it was decided to continue publishing the blog version of the cat report. The report will summarise the movements of all cats seen during the week under their respective headings instead of following a daily report.

Birmingham Boys

Gecko Bboy.png
(Birmingham boy, Image credit: Gecko)

10 June - WE caught up with a member of the  dominant male coalition, the Birmingham Boys, as he was dozing in the road before getting up and moving off to Torchwood

12 June - WE heard a lion calling throughout the night and the next morning managed to find him in person as he was walking along Vuyatela dam and calling to his brothers

15 June - On morning Safari WE saw the powerful form of a Birmingham male stalking through the mist. WE followed him a while until he disappeared into the thick bush


(Tingana,  Image credit: Ali)

13 June - WE saw Tingana as he appeared in the tall grass and moving on to quench his thirst lapping at the water contentedly


Jason Jones hosana.png
(Hosana,  Image credit: Jason Jones)

9 June - WE caught up with Hosana as he was walking in the road and then attempting to climb a tree, but thought better of it.

12 June -Hosana came bounding out of the bush to catch WE by surprise as he attempted to hunt an impala unsuccessfully

WE was pleasantly surprised at Hosana’s presence when he was lying in the road as WE came around the bend on sunset safari

13 June- WE caught up with Hosana where he was moving through the tall grass before losing sight of him


Hosana_ 12 June.jpg
(Thamba,  Image credit: Tayla)

12 June - WE found Thamba on the road lying regally, he then promptly got up and attempted to hunt a francolin unsuccessfully.

Nkuhuma Pride

(Nkuhuma Pride, Image credit: Gecko)

16 June - The Nukuhuma’s warmed up WE’s cold winter morning when WE found them lying cuddled up together in what can only be described as a lion blanket. The cubs were dozing away and would groom each other on occasion.

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