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Cat Report: 16 June - 23 June 2017

Nkuhuma Pride


(Nkuhuma pride, Image credit: danny nl prox)

16 June - On afternoon drive the Nkuhumas were lying around when WE found them. They later decided to provide some entertainment by getting up and alertly following another predator, a leopard, which promptly gave them the slip. After some grooming they moved off where WE cannot follow.

21 June - The morning dawned with zebra alarm calls ringing through the air. WE went to investigate and found the source of the calls: One of the zebras had been taken down in the early morning hours and the Nkuhumas were feasting on the carcass when WE found them.


Tingana _ Joy.png
(Tingana, Image credit: Joy)

19 June - After having an absence of spots for a couple of days, WE found Tingana ambling along the road on the early morning drive. WE followed him for about an hour before he left the traverse area.

22 June - Tingana was seen in the distance, eyes glowing, on Little Gowrie for a few minutes before the show ended in true “last minute leopard” fashion.

Birmingham Boys

19 June - As evening descended on Djuma, One of the Birmingham males was seen walking down the road and marking his territory as he moved along. WE followed him down the road until he crossed out of the property.



(Nchila, Image credit: Patricia Scott)

20 June - Early morning, WE were very pleasantly surprised to find a young female leopard that WE didn’t recognise at first glance. The rare visitor to our property was none other than Nchila, grand daughter of Salayexe. She was clearly agitated and darted out of sight after a few minutes.

Angama Pride

Agama pride _NDS.png
(Angama Girls, Image credit: MDS)

20 June - WE found the Angama lion pride dozing in the long grass.

22 June - WE caught up with the Angama girls on morning drive sitting alert in the grass and again on afternoon drive moving off about to start their night- time adventures.

Wild Dogs: Sands Break- away pack

Sand break-away pack_Sierra.png

(Sands break-away pack, Image credit: MA)

21 June - WE had a wonderful morning filled with lions, leopards and then some wild dogs to top it all off. WE found the Sands Break Away pack quenching their thirst at Chitwa dam when WE caught up with them.


(Thandi, Image credit: Sierra)

21 June - WE found Thandi with her handsome son Thamba drinking at a pan of water. They then went walking through the grass and attempted to hunt a waterbuck.

22 June - Thandi gave WE a welcome surprise she was walking through the long grass, Thamba in tow, and crossed into the Djuma territory. She disappeared into the grass leaving Thamba behind.


Thumb _ James Richard.png
(Thamba, Image credit: James Richard)

21 June - Thamba and his mother Thandi were found drinking, they then proceeded to walk through the grass and Thandi left Thamba for an attempt at hunting. He was left to call after his mom as she vanished.

22 June - Thamba was seen walking behind Thandi and then later opting to pose nicely on a termite mound looking inquisitively at his onlookers with his bright eyes.

Shadow and cub

Shadow and Cub_Ali.png
(Thandi and Cub, Image credit: Ali)

23 June - WE found Shadow and her young cub as they were eating breakfast on the windy morning drive. Shadow moved from her perch on the termite mound to a shady spot in the grass uninterested in her admirers.

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