Saturday, 20 August 2016

Nest Cam for Djuma Pan

WildEarth is always looking for new ways to bring you the sights and sounds of the bush, and add to the numerous live feeds and cameras bringing you animal encounters every day.

WE have now partnered up with Nest Labs, manufacturer of the nest camera, to give you a different view of the action at Djuma pan. The camera is at ground level, giving us a chance to see the animals who visit the water source, eye to eye.

"I especially love watching the elephants drink and seeing the individual hairs on their trunk as it comes within inches of the camera," says WE Technical Director Peter Braat. The camera was placed there in late July, and has since survived even elephant interference. "On one occasion I could see the power box held by the elephant's trunk a split second before it was pulled out and the cam went down," says Peter.

The cam's precarious position made fitting it in it's current position quite a feat. "Mounting the camera under the log trying to not end up in the pan myself was quite a challenge, but in the end I managed to get it done with no more damage than wet feet and and smelly, muddy shoes," says Peter

So far, this new addition to WE has captured some incredible footage, from this look at elephants coming in to drink, to this view of the Nkuhuma lionesses and their cubs visiting at night.

You can view the cam here, and experience this never before seen look at the animals of Djuma for yourself.


Mary said...

Awesome view of Buffalo. Thank You so much for all you do!!

Kathy In WV said...

I recall the ground level cam at Pete's Pond years ago. Lots of amazing views from it. Great idea, WE.

Elin Fowler said...

This is very cool! Thanks! You're always thinking of new things! Don't stop, please ♥

Laura Brown said...

What a wonderful idea!! Thanks Wild Earth and SafariLive for another wonderful way of bringing the wild into our homes!!!!!

HeartGiraffes said...

How cool is this! Love the elephant video. Best way to use a Nest Cam! Thanks, Graham and Peter!