Thursday, 14 July 2016

WE Welcome the Royal Cubs: Hosana & Xongile

Karula the leopardess and Queen of Djuma gave birth to two perfect little spotted fur balls just over five months ago. Up until this point WE have all enjoyed James “the closet royalist’s” affectionate nicknames of George and Charlotte. Yet with the cubs rapidly approaching their sixth month birthday a decision was taken to give them their permanent names.

hosana yawn.jpg
(Hosana, Image Credit: James Hendry, Djuma Private Game Reserve)

Expert guides, Taxon and Aubrey have been dedicated rangers here at Djuma for many years and so there are no others better suited to christening the royal cubs with their true Shangaan names. On the 12th of July these names were set in stone and it is our great pleasure to share them with you.

xongile looks.jpg
(Xongile, Image Credit: James Hendry, Djuma Private Game Reserve)

Karula’s young and confident male cub has been given the name “Hosana.” In Shangaan this means “Prince.” His grace and nobility already stand as veritable testament to this and of course only the son of a true Queen could be a little Prince. Hosana is identified by his 3:3 spot pattern as well as his bright yellow-green eyes. Already WE have seen him start honing those all important survival skills and are looking forward to watching him as he grows into a young and vibrant male leopard.

(Hosana, Image Credit: James Hendry, Djuma Private Game Reserve)

The little Princess has been named “Xongile.” In Shangaan the letter “x” is pronounced as a “sh” making the name’s phonetic pronunciation “Shongile.” It means “Exquisitely Beautiful” and with her distinctive chocolate brown eyes, no other reference could be more appropriate. Made identifiable by her unique 4:3 spot pattern complete with beauty spot, this little piece of Penthera perfection carries herself with reservation and dignity.

(Xongile, Image Credit: James Hendry, Djuma Private Game Reserve)

WE can’t wait to follow the journey’s of Hosana & Xongile as they continue to grow and develop under their mother’s expert care.


Hilary Ann Pavid said...

Thank you Louise ,for sharing that info about the gorgeous little Cubs names,it's so interesting to learn the translation and how the names were chosen 😘😘

Mudjie said...

Your description of our Royal cubs is purrrrfection! Thank you for the blog!! What an amazing ride this has been.. I have been watching since 2009.. and I have to say it gets better and better! Thank you All!!

Elin Fowler said...

This blog is awesome! Great job, Louise, and awesome photos by James who has turned out to be a great photographer :) Karula & her cubs are pure joy as well as Shadow's little princess. Next will be to see Thandi's new cub. Stay safe, little ones, Karula, Shadow & Thandi. You are loved by so many!