Monday, 30 May 2016

#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: John Captures Life With His Lens

A month ago, regular Pete's Pond viewer John Bell discovered safariLIVE and became a member of our burgeoning online community. "I'm now hooked and try to watch most of both daily drives live," he says.

Woodland kingfisher. Photo by John Bell.

A retired resident of Bray in the UK, John has been able to go on safari in South Africa several times in the last decade. "I love watching safariLIVE as it's addictive and you never know what's going to happen next! Just like being there in the bush, which I have done many times."

Wallowing buffalo bull. Photo by John Bell.

He has a great interest in wildlife photography and sent in a few of his favourite images from his trips to  the Pielanesburg, Sabi Sands, Ngala, Kruger and Kapama reserves. "I'm keen on golf and cricket too. The River Thames backs onto our house in Windsor and we get a huge variety of wildlife."

Leopardess. Photo by John Bell.

John says he has already recommended safariLIVE to many others and "will continue to do so." He hopes to visit one of the properties we traverse on drive during a future trip to Africa.

Male lion shakes out his mane. Photo by John Bell.

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Paul Rizzo said...

Welcome to #safarilive John and thanks for the great pics!
P.S. Keep up the great job recruiting new viewers : )
Paul Rizzo

Paul Rizzo said...

Welcome to #safarilive John and thanks for the great safari pics!
PS....keep up the great work recruiting new WE viewers : )

WildEarth Africa rockynight said...

Thx John for the great pics from Africa i,am a viewer since sep 2015 and i,am complete addicted to the program and the live streams i record a lot .i have now more then 900 vids off wild live ,but thx again for youre post Greetings from the Netherlands

Mudjie said...

Wow, John, wonderful photo's.. Thank you for sharing.
I can't think of a more exciting yet peaceful place to spend time than in the bush.
Welcome to the Safarian Family!

Tamizh Selvan said...

These are worthy photos to see and share. Thanks for sharing.

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