Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Allen BirdCam joins WildEarth

Be sure to check out the newest member of our growing group of wildlife broadcasters: The Allen BirdCam. This cam is located near a bird feeder in a suburban garden in Pretoria in South Africa and has already shown a great variety of wildlife. Well over 30 species of birds have been spotted so far as well as various mammal species, including genets and bushbabies.

Tyrone Allen and I have been working over the past couple of days to get this camera ready and it is the first one that will run solely on our new website and to use the new embedded player on Tyrone's own site, Ths site has more info and history and is certainly worth checking out. The camera will also remain available on Ustream.

Speaking to Tyrone earlier today he told me there are various regular visitors to the cam that are easily recognisable; there's a hornbill with a broken beak, a tailless barbet and a one-legged starling. Quite an eclectic bunch that is fun to watch as they feast on the various pieces of food. And, as if that is not enough, there are the various bushbabies who each seem have their own personal favourite snacks.

So, be sure to check it out when you get a chance ... and to create and share a videomark when you see something interesting!

--- Peter


prissy said...

this cam is awesome.I have been watching it for mths an have seen the genet an bushbaby come visit.The song of all the birds greet the morning light.Love listenin to their songs

Sandi Ross said...

Love this cam!