Friday, 26 July 2013

The end of our stay at Thornybush

With the filming of the documentary series complete our stay at Thornybush Private Nature Reserve is coming to an end. Sunday's afternoon drive will be the last one before we dismantle our broadcast systems and pack everything up.

While our stay has been brief and we were not able to get the broadcast range we'd hoped there have been many great sightings and experiences and it was great to see both some old and new people on the drives.

Some of you have asked us whether it was possible to create a tip jar for the crew as was done in the past, and we are happy to do so and I've created a Paypal address tips can be sent to: . (Don't worry if this returns an e-mail stating money was sent to Petrus Braat as this is the name of my Paypal account that we are using to be able to get the money to South Africa in an efficient manner. All money is for the crew only.)

Marc especially has worked very hard, doing all the drives with hardly any breaks, but the rest of the crew have also gone out of their way to work around the many gremlins we encountered along the way. Therefore Marc will receive half of the tips received with the other half being split between the rest of the crew. We feel this is a fair way of rewarding all those who've braved many early and cold mornings, and many a late night, to bring you the drives these past months.

Thanks to you all for watching our drives!



dee said...

I will miss the drives, mostly miss hearing Marc's voice and how respectful of the animals he is.

Pray we meet again!


EMPOWERS said...

Marc and Crew,

I've learned so much in these last few weeks. I feel I've known Marc Aaron,Karen, Peter and the crew all my life. It has been a great adventure. I sat
on the edge of my seat anticipating what wonder will reveal itself around the next bend on in the drainage line at Thonybush.
I will miss these twice daily drives but my memories and screen shots will last a lifetime.

Joseph Crisafi said...

very sorry to see the drives end i watched every chance i had.marc was very informative.he was able to inform with out being boring.i learned alot from him best of luck to marc and all the crew.i know it cant be easy putting on the drives,especially technical end.hope the drives can return thanks to all at wildearth joseph crisafi