Thursday, 10 May 2012

WildEarth is on the move!

Not only have we brought several new and exciting cameras online in the last weeks and months, most notably the wolves and meerkats, but behind the scenes a lot of work has been going on to improve the website.

This new site will have many improvements; a new player, new chat rooms, better and more enjoyable archive pages, and much more! And it will allow you to view our cams from your mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads too!

While we are not nearly ready for this new site to launch, we decided it would be good to build an intermediate stage that would at least already allow us to update pages more easily and thus tell the story of each camera much better.

We're currently working with the cam producers to complete the info on all pages, and this will be done in the next couple of days, but decided to go LIVE with the new site already as a kind of 'sneak peak' of what is to come.

The existing pages will continue to be available for a while longer, but we would advise you to update any bookmarks you've created.

Vist the new site by going to and have a look around and if you find any problems, or have suggestions on how we can make it better, please send these to


Dianne Swan said...

Thank you in advance for changing to a player that works on Ipads!

thumper said...

why do you have to hit start then stop then start again on these players,,, this has been like this for a long time

thumper said...

Why do you have to hit start then stop,, then start again on these players,,, has been like this for a
long time now..