Monday, 14 November 2011

Stopping of drives at Djuma at the end of November

As you might have seen from Djuma's most recent blog, they have had to decide to stop the Safaris at the end of this month. While this is obviously a sad moment for all involved, we respect Djuma's decision and know it was not an easy one to take as the safaris are in Jurie's and Pippa's blood as much as in yours and ours. I do wish to thank them both for having tried to keep them going, even if in the end it turned out to be for a short period only.

Now what does this mean for the future? Is this the definite end of WildEarth's safaris or of our close ties with Djuma? 'No' in both cases.

WildEarth and Djuma go back a long way and will keep working closely together in the future as well. We provide whatever support we can from our side to make it possible for Jurie to get his second 'roving' camera up and running. (This would be a similar set-up to the wild dog den we broadcast from some years ago.)

As for the safaris: We are certainly not giving up on them and are looking into how we can bring them back in the future. Exactly how and when, and whether once again from Djuma or from a new location, remains to be seen but we simply love them too much to just give up and let this be the final chapter and close the book.



BJ said...

Thank you for keeping hope alive for the safari. This is such a unique site for all of the viewers. It's educational and entertaining, the knowledge of Marc & Tara is amazing and they both present it in such interesting ways that you can't help but learn something new every drive. Please don't give up on the drives, they are such a breath of fresh air in this crazy world we live in. Thank you and praying we will see you again. Betty Angstadt...Erie, PA

BJ said...

Thank you for not giving up on bringing back the Sarfari Drives. It is such a unique site. The knowledge of Marc and Tara and the way they present everything to us is infectious and amazing. The drives are educational and entertaining. Thank you to Urie for giving the Safari a shot at making it, I do believe if they could have gone on a little longer they would have made it, but I understand the financial burden they must have been under, so thanks so much for trying. Please don't give up, alot of us who silently watched as well as the regulars are praying for your return.

Juliann said...

These drives inspired me to visit Africa in September 2011. Thank you for bringing the African bush to Pennsylvania. I learned so much and truly enjoyed every minute spent watching.

deb herring said...

Thank you, Pete, for all your energy and dedication. I am so glad to hear that you are not abandoning the idea! The world truly needs sites like safari. I will continue to follow Wild Earth and Djuma and hope to see you down the road!

32cf165c-0f30-11e1-82af-000f20980440 said...

Peter, it is good to hear that there is still hope. Hope that drives are not an infinite end. These drives are a revolutionary event, a first, and have provided a wealth of knowledge to the vast viewership. All good things find bumps n the road towards greatness. Let this just be a bump!

s. McTeir said...

I just found the safaris in June of this year. Each time I have watched either Marc or Tara I have learned something. I have been an elle lover for over thirty years so each time Marc was the presenter it was great to listen to his knowledge of this great animal. Six months was not enough time because my viewing was limited to weekends - I am hoping to see the safaris, and Marc & Tara, return sooner than later. I wonder what we can do to help?
Sheri McTeir Phoenix,AZ