Friday, 18 November 2011

More zoomies wanted!

If all goes well we will be adding a number of moveable cameras over the next couple of months. Possible there will be a second cam at Djuma and it looks like we will add one or two waterhole cams in other exciting locations as well.

We had hoped these last would be running already, but red tape has proven quite sticky and has slowed the launch of these down.

As we do expect them fairly soon, and also in view of the holiday season that will soon be upon us, we'd like to bolster the zoomie numbers a bit so we can get the new ones trained before the rush starts.

If you are interested in helping out, have moderate computer skills and 10 hours/week available for zooming, drop me a note at with some info on your location, skills, time available and why you'd like to be a zoomie.

Everyone is welcome but we would particularly like to find more zoomies outside of North America to be better able to fill slots around the clock.

A number of you have contacted me already and I have your names, but feel free to resend your information now so I can have it all in one spot.




Dave said...

My name is Dave and I'm in Alaska, so we'd be able to cover time frames when the US is asleep

crscntrygolfr said...

This is great news, Peter! I'm in N.A. and won't volunteer but am very excited about the new cams!
Thank you for all you do!!!!

dumpratdave said...

hye ya peter my name is dumprat dave i live in australia an i watch this site all the time ,i would love to be a zoomie if i got trhe chance,ive only been on the computer for 8 month but luv the petes pond site im up all day an nite watchin them so if givin a chance i wont let you down pls consider me for the job im ur man ,cheers pete all the best

dumpratdave said...

hi pete my name is dumpratdave i live in australia an i would be proud to be a zoomie ,im up all day an nite watchin ur sites if givin the chance i wont let you down,im new to computers been on for 8 months but am a quick learner if givin the chane i wont let you down im on all the time ,cheers pete ,dave

Joyce Milligan said...

I am from the US also so I am not going to volunteer but do want to let you know what a wonderful job you do for the wildlife and environment. I hope there is some way to keep the live safaris going it the only way some of us will ever experience Africa!!!

TEROS7776 said...

Hi, My name is Rose and despite the fact that I live in the Eastern United States would dearly love to be part of the Zoomies. I have emailed three times and have yet to receive any reply. Truly interested.

Sunlover said...

Hi, My name is Debi, I live in the US and i would enjoy being a Zoomie.I would be able to do it anytime from 6 am until 9 pm.
Thank You,
Have a great day

Sunlover said...

Hello, My Name is Debi, I live in the US and would love to have a chance becoming a Zoomie, I would be avaliable from 6 am to 9 pm.


Hi peter I am from the UK and watch a lot of cams on here i would like to say a big thank you for your reply in email and am looking forward to your next i await your instruction's in the future Many thanks Paul, (Dodgydigger) :-)

Apexsys said...

Apexsys here... =)
Im watichin your streams all days.
I Live in Germany, i would be very happy if you give me a place in the zoomies team. I also send a email to you. I have a quiet bit experience with remmote-cams and many years with internet/computers
I hope there is some way to be a Zoomie ill catch all the little things i found ;)
best wishes to all of you.

Tanyac1004 said...

Hello. My name is Tanya and I live in Massachusetts, USA. I know that you had mentioned that you were looking for people in other parts but I can't tell you how excited I would be to help out as a zoomie. I have a very flexible schedule right now. I only work a couple days a week and I can also do some late nights if needed. I am a night owl and I'm usually up pretty late each night. I would love to be part of your team. Please take this into consideration and keep me in mind when you start looking for new help with the cameras. Also, I have experience with computers and I am a very fast learner. Thank you so much for your time. Tanya Cundiff

jordan nelson said...

helloe my name is Jordan and i would be able to do the zoomie in the afternoon in africa sometimes and allot of times at night and so i want to be a zoomie operater

jordan nelson said...

my name is jordan and i like to control the zoomie and i could do it during the afternoon sometimes and allot at night and i am really good at it cause i have had allot of excperience with zoomies