Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New cam: Eagles4Kids.com project

WildEarth is proud to host this very special Bald Eagle camera on its site.

Eagles4kids.com was created by third and fourth graders from Blair-Taylor Elementary School in Wisconsin, USA.

Mike Lawrence, their teacher, had watched a nest with his students for several years in California and decided to put a camera above an eagle's nest in the local area. This project was funded through a STEM grant from the State of Wisconsin. The grant money needed to be used for science, technology, engineering or mathematics curriculum, or multiple curriculums.

The students have created the name and design of the webpage, made brochures and business cards to promote the project, and will be creating newsletters with the latest news on the nest. The students will also be responsible for maintaining the webpage and responding to all inquires. Be sure to check out their web site!

The live view of the Bald Eagle's nest through eagles4kids.com is located in Western Wisconsin on private land. The nest is about 17 miles from the Mississippi River and close to the Black River. The nest was built five years ago in a cottonwood tree along a trout stream. Eaglets have been raised in the nest for each of the last five years. The nest has an approximate diameter of 5 feet and is about 4 feet deep. The camera is installed 4 feet above the nest.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Viewer count is back!

A very brief and quick blog this time, but with some good news.

One of the features that was missed by many of you was the viewer count in the player. Now it is back! The number at the bottom of the player will show the number of viewers watching a broadcast with the PixelPlayer, whether on the wildearth.tv website or through an embedded player somewhere else. The number will constantly update as people join and leave, rather than once every minute or so, similar to the user count in chat.

In case you do not see the viewer count the next time you watch a stream, refreshing the page or cleaning the cache of your browser should make it make it show up... and will from then on also add your session to the viewer count.