Wednesday, 3 March 2010

the winds of change are blowing ...

Firstly I must apologise that I have not written to you all like this in a while. It is not that I have not wanted to, but rather that I have been super busy working on the next steps in our journey to bring you our WildEarth LIVE ... which as you know is in my (and our) nature.
Anyway, I wanted to take the time to explain what is happening at WE, both from a corporate perspective and from the perspective of certain individuals.
Firstly, I ask that you work with us as WE change and grow. In the past few days I have received some very disturbing mails, and heard about comments, from people that I would have thought would have had more trust and faith in WE. I personally ask you all to remember that a number of new people have joined us. At the same time a new company has been formed ... ... a new leader has stepped into the breach, and all of this will bring change. This will be good, but there will be rocky moments along the way. I ask that you do not stand on the side lines and throw insults and say: "Oh, this is not how it used to be done", but rather role up your sleeves, get involved and remember that this has never been about you and us ... it has always been about WE. 
And WE need you now. WE need you to support the new crew, the new leaders and the new ideas that will be born of this era. There will be mistakes, and no doubt they will grate, but I ask that you rise above the frustration and not judge, but help. That you do not forget that WE are a family, and these are new members and they should be WElcomed correctly. I trust that I can count on you to help our new members feel WElcome and to help them appreciate, in a positive way, who WE are.
From the people perspective, Rex and Siphiwe are still 100% a part of WE! I know that you have been worried about this, and I would be too. 
Siphiwe is coming back to work towards the end of March and will be 'zooming' the waterhole camera between safaris as per normal. Her daughter is soooo beautiful and growing like a weed. I am sure that you will see her (and her mom) in the new Final Control later this month.
Rexon, on the other hand, you will not see much of. He has become a 'big man' in his village of Dixie. In fact he has changed the course of history in South Africa. Our very own Rexon through his tireless work on behalf of his community has influenced the constitution of South Africa to respect the property rights of the down trodden. 
A ruling has been passed down that the land is for the benefit of all, and cannot be controlled by the traditional leaders to the detriment of the individuals. In addition, Rexon has been a key player in the group who won a landmark case in the land claims court in favor of the Dixie community over the Manyaleti Reserve, to the north of the Sabi Sands.
As I write this mail, Rex is leading a delegation of 15 elders in Johannesburg where he is trying to get the constitutional court to pass the power to 'control' this land from the tradiotnal leadership to the people. This is a very important and groundbreaking development in the history of the people of South Africa.
Amandla!! (Power to the people)
So to cut a long story short, Rex is moving to a higher plain. His calling will be to empower his people, and WE will support him 100%! He may show up on our channel from time to time, and he will certainly be behind the scenes. Whenever you see an increase in our traversing area, or read of rural people being empowered to control their own destiny, there you will feel Rex's hand. He is still an employee of WE, and is working with me on some very exciting developments that cannot yet be shared, but I assure you involve more and more of what you love ... LIVE wildlife.
He has been my friend for the past 10 years. He has been there through some difficult and 'weird' times, when friends were few and times were tough. He will remain a part of WE until he needs to fly free to change the world. 
Written by Graham Wallington


boo said...

Thank you Graham for letting us know about Rexon and Siphiwe. I didn't know that Rexon as accomplished so much and am sitting here bursting with pride for him! I guess some of us are scared that WE are going to lose a little of what WE has had. The personal and caring family WE have become. Even though most have never met any of you guys, I think I can speak for most when I say that we viewers care very deeply for you all. Thank you and Emily, all the WEpeople for bringing this wonderous site!!

andreal said...

Thanks Graham for giving us the good news Rex and Siphi are still part of our team - this is a great relief.... - the new staff so far is very nice and I am sure WE all gonna be friends :-))
Thanks again - Andrea / lalapanzi

goldengma said...

Thanks for the update Graham! Rexon sure has my thoughts and prayers for a better future for himself and his people. Is wonderful to know that he will still be involved in some measure with
WE....actually, given his headship and leadership for his people, WE shouldn't be surprised that Rex retain involvement in WE and the bush! It's in his nature!!!
And what a joy it will be to have Siphiwe return! She has so many friends who care for will be awesome to see her again! have a vision for bringing the bush to us ordinary folks and we appreciate the work you do. Keep on keeping on!!!
WE will do our best to welcome the new staff and hope they quickly feel that special family feeling WE all have!

anthony said...

Thanks Graham for WE and everything you do to make it better for us and the wild animals

anthony said...

Thanks Graham for everything you do for us the viewers andthe wild animals

Anonymous said...

When we first met Rexon almost five years ago, he was talking about this dream he had. I'm so happy for him that he will be doing what he has dreamed of doing his entire life. Congratulations to Rexon...he is about to make a difference in so many more lives than he already has.

KCMary said...

I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news about Rexon and Siphiwe! Rexon is probably one of the most amazing people I've ever "known"...and I say "more power to him!" Graham, I know that the changes you're bringing to WE will be so fantastic. We appreciate everything you're doing. And for every complaint or negative comment, there are many, many more people who are thrilled with what you're doing! You're truly a man of vision!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Graham for all the news. My family has been with you and with all the wonderful people in South Africa since the days of Africam. We applaud your perseverance and are grateful to everybody that brings and brought us so much pleasure in and information about the wildlife in Africa. All the best for the future and we will keep on cheering from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

Where did you meet Rexon 5 years ago? WE has only been doing drives since April 07 and Rexon joined them sometime later that year..