Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Pittsburgh Falcons have laid their eggs!

For those of you who are devoted followers of Pittsburgh’s peregrine families led by Louie and Tasha2 at the Gulf Tower and Dorothy and E2 at the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland, this year you will be given an even more intimate view of the birds as they hatch and raise their young.
On March 17th Tasha2, the female peregrine at the Gulf Tower nest laid her first egg.
Dorothy the female peregrine falcon at The Cathedral of Learning nest laid her first a week before and has since laid two more making a total of three.
Chicks will hatch about 30 days after the eggs are laid," says Dr. Todd Katzner, Director of Conservation and Field Research at the National Aviary. "Three to four weeks after hatching, the chicks will be banded by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and given a full medical exam.
On March 20th the cameras at the Gulf Tower Nest, PA caught some LIVE peregrine falcon courtship. It is very interesting and you can watch it here:
Live video streams via cameras installed at nests in both locations will this year provide sharper, and more focused views of the birds. The cameras were installed by PixController and the images and sounds they collect are streamed by WildEarth.tv to the National Aviary web site, providing real-time web tv images accessible world-wide. FalconCam footage at both sites can be accessed via the National Aviary web site: www.aviary.org/falcon or here on www.wildearth.tv.
Come and get to know the birds, it promises to be a real time peregrine soap opera.


marc v. said...

I am so happy to be able to see the birds again. Being able to be right there is an amazing thing.
While the couple at the Cathedral seem to be tending to their clutch rather diligently, the Gulf Tower pair, from what I've noticed, haven't been sitting on theirs. Is this a sign of anything (juvenile uncertainty or a lack of understanding regarding nesting behavior)? I must confess, this is a bit worrisome to me....

marc v. said...

ok. it seems like Tasha2 is diligently sitting on her egss at Gulf Tower now.... Whew...I guess I was just a little worried....