Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Djuma news

Well with all the changes at WE there are a few at Djuma as well. WE are sad to say goodbye to Liesbeth after 2 and half years, but she has decided to move on for personal reasons and WE wish her the very best for her future. Hamba kahle mama .
WE are very pleased to welcome Cynthia who will be taking over the critical task of looking after the camp for Liesbeth. Actually Cynthia has been with WE for about 6 months, filling in on the weekends and is married to Amos who works at Vuyatela as a very experienced tracker. 
WE have decided to stop the WEwalk for now. It has been taking too much effort to maintain this show and is enjoyed by very few people. WE all think that it is an amazing concept and plan to work on it in the future, but for now it will be removed from the schedule. It is in our nature to experiment, but not all experiments bear fruit straight away ... you understand.
As you are all no doubt aware, there was no afternoon or night safari from Djuma today. This is because there was a loud noise coming from the tappets and Rexon, very wisely, called in Eric to take a look before WE do something silly like 'blow' an engine. Eric thinks that either the oil pump is blocked or broken. He has begun the 6 hour task of removing the pump, cleaning it and replacing. With luck the old lady will be 100% before midnight and the morning safari will be a go. WE will know in a few hours.
(note: did you spot the elephant in the picture above before or after reading this note?)
Pieter and Lieschen will be on 2 weeks leave from Friday and are heading to Namibia ... it really is in their nature. Marc gets back from the Timbavati on Friday after his leave and at the end of the month Patrick (Charles' brother) will be trying out as a presenter.


Jose said...

Pity... I loved the WEWalks, especially the ones done by Rexon and/or Marc. Hope WE will reintroduce the event soon. Speaking of... whatever happened to WELearn?

Anonymous said...

Belong to a really big private WE fan forum. We all stay up late for the AM drive and walk. Really like the walk because it gives us more information about the entire ecosystem - little creatures, etc., and different perspective of all surrounding Djuma area that involves the wildlife we see on drives. A more well-rounded view of the entire safari experience. Please bring it back soon. Have only seen Marc do the walk, he is very good at weaving the tapestry of life, large and small, that supports WE TV safaris....Lynda