Thursday, 2 April 2009

Auto stop and archiving eagles

Over the past few days WE have noticed a massive increase in viewers to the Hancock Wildlife cams, but on doing some experimentation WE discovered that many of the viewers were in fact not there. In other words a lot of people are leaving the cams running when they are not watching. On the Internet both the broadcaster and the viewer have to pay for the bandwidth and that means that WE (actually Zaplive) are paying for the bandwidth even when no one is watching. Obviously that is not fair and so WE have implemented an auto stop (on all WildEarth streams, both Hancock cams and the Djuma stream). This effectively means that every 1 hour you will be asked to click the screen in order to prevent the stream from stopping automatically. This will prevent a situation of where costs are being run up but nobody is watching.
Some people have been letting the streams run because they are recording them, particularly the Hancock eagle cams, and WE understand this need. So from tomorrow morning all Hancock streams will be archived and be available in the WEarchive, soon they will be available from right inside the player (so you can find them from the Hancock website). Additionally you will now be able to create seekpoints in the Hancock cams as well as on the Djuma stream. I hope that you can all appreciate our need to make what WE do viable and to eliminate wastage.


Anonymous said...

Hi, ok i will be the first to say i am confused. Does this mean that while watching the WE drives, we need to click every hour or our viewing will stop? Then what happens? Just my luck i will be in bathroom or grabbing a coffee for a sec and blam! frozen screen!!. I need further clarification please.

Anonymous said...

I record the drive because of the time difference between the drives and my schedule. I'm not physically watching while it takes p lace, but I watch the videos when I get home. The archives are nice, but they are not easy to scan through.

Guess I'll watch only on weekends. Sad.

Teresa said...

It seems all very reasonable to me. I am very pleased to see that the HWF cameras will be archived! this will be so very valuable to us in tracking important events in the nests... As I type this, we are almost positive that the Delta nest is hatching it's first Chick. the process can take anywhere from 12-48 hours. With luck we will be able to use one of our first seekpoints to imortalize this event!! Very exciting.

heslunatic said...

That sounds very reasonable to me.

I will just need to remember to click every hour. I love having the stream up and just listen to the bird sounds when doing other things on the web.

oh and thanks for the amazing work done every day. I'm watching now for a couple of weeks after accidently discovering the site and I'm seriously addicted ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it's clear that the viewers aren't watching. Have to say I really dislike the new system in that I like to record the drives because of my time schedule. The archives just aren't as easily navigable. I also run the cam with the sound up when I'm sleeping, I suppose this would be considered a waste of bandwidth although I would be willing to pay to be able to do this and to continue being able to record when away from the computer. Have to say I don't think this is the best decision WE has ever made.

Anonymous said...

I, unlike many others, am not able to sit at my computer 24/7, clicking on the auto stop to continue viewing these wonderful cams. It very discouraging & annoying to have to reconnect the cam every 15 minutes. It takes away the joy of being able to 'listen' to the cams, from a distance.

Thank you to the Wildearth staff, for all you do to make your program better, daily, and having the patience to listen to the viewers, as well.

Anonymous said...

I love Eagles I want one living in by backyard tree i just love them!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Eagles I want one to live in my backyard in a tree I just love them!!!