Thursday, 5 March 2009

WElcome Marc

Marc Weiner has been in the wildlife and guiding industry for a long time and his knowledge is huge. As a child he was obsessed with everything natural and used to play with bugs and insects before he could even walk. This man was destined to live in the bush and although he did spend some time doing the city thing it was never in his heart. Since then he has guided and lived in many different areas picking up a wealth of knowledge along the way. Ths man has forgotten more than most people have ever known. He loves to walk with ellies (although once had a very close shave), enjoys nights with a full moon and his bonsai collection is something to see. This quirky character will be with Wildearth for a while and WE are very lucky to have him.

On a seperate note, Rexon is back at work today, Herman will be back on Sunday and Pete Braat next week. Graham and I will be heading to the bush on Wednesday 11th March with our daughter Mia for the first time since I gave birth. We are so excited to be going back and will be hopefully implementing a few upgrades. Watch this space!
Emily Wallington


Anonymous said...

Welcome to WE glad to see you on the team now. I enjoy your drives and the knowledge that you share with us. Glad to see you as a permenant now....:)


Jan said...

Welcome Marc! I have enjoyed your drives and look forward to seeing you out there some more. You certainly do know A LOT about the bush. I really enjoyed the information about how and why trees and plants develop thorns and other protective "mechanisms".
Thank you!!

liz-brown_1 said...

Marc thank you so much for all the joy you bring into my world. I love listening to your stories, beliefs and knowledge of wildlife. Thank you so much for staying at WE - we are all so lucky. Another gentle, loving kindred spirit joined the WE team and its viewers. You give me hope for the planet and its creatures.