Monday, 23 February 2009


I have to be honest, I sit here now and find myself at a slight loss for words. When given the chance to sit down with your thoughts,
stare quietly into your feelings and write about your emotions. . . then suddenly a lot of what happened today comes rushing back at me
like a mock charge. I find myself unable to write in many words, or in few, what I felt today.
Wonky was and always will be a very special elephant for me, and also a great presence for Lieschen and myself . WE shared many moments together
and he held a  very special place in our  journey together. We have looked in each others eyes, and there his image will remain a part of us,
deeper than sorrow and longer than time.
So, I will stop trying to pen down what I felt today and feel now. I will share what I feel when I and WE see him again.
WE have received special permission from Buffelshoek ( the neighboring area where Wonky lies) with the help of Kobus Dannhauser and Sidney Frankel!
Weather  permitting,  Rory and I hope to be where Wonky lies, when the the dawn turns the skies. WE will leave at five (CAT), head there
in the grey of pre-sunrise and WE will share time and thoughts together.
Thank you for all the heartfelt thoughts and messages - they mean a great deal to me, us  and WE.
Pieter Pretorius


Shoebutton said...

May you rest in peace, Wonky. A grand elephant you will always be! My best to those at WE. Hold all your memories close to your heart and the pain will slowly lessen.

Fiona said...

I can understand the loss for words. Wonky was special and through you and WE he became special to us all. Thank you for bringing him into my life...i certainly will never forget him.

naturewatcher said...

Wonky, you will be missed. Thank you WE for sharing the big guy with all of us.

LoKawal said...

Thank you for your words. I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you and all of the others involved with or who got the immense pleasure of meeting Wonky.

I tingle with so many emotions when I look at your photos - what an amazing bond and attachment you and Wonky had. Treasure each and every memory; I know I will treasure every capture and experience I was able to have, thanks to WE.

Hugs to all, from a WE friend in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Pieter, Lieschen and the rest of the WE family. I haven't been part of the extended family for long but in these past few hours, your words and photos have made me realize what a special family is. My heart aches for you and the loss of your beloved friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Annemieke said...

I can imagine you can't subsribe your feelings!
Such a great loss, have enjoyed watching him, so feels I've lost a dear friend!
Sorry for you all guys, thanks for all the great moments we could share with him!

Angela B said...

It is now 8:15 on Tuesday morning and just saw the posting on our beloved Wonky. I feel like I lost a special friend and my heart is so sad. Wonky was my first grand ellie that I saw on WE and like all of the WE staff instantly fell in love with him. My deepest sympathy goes out to Pieter who had such a special bond with him. I too feel like I've lost a good friend. You no longer walk with a limp and your tusks are mighty and grand. Rest peacefully deareast Wonky.
With love to all
Angela B

/usr/Geek said...

A good friend has gone. But the memories will remain forever.
Thank you WE for the fantastic moments you share with us.

Rest In Peace Wonky