Saturday, 31 January 2009

When it rains it pours.

WE are scrambling!
On Friday morning just before 01h00 CAT, a rat chewed through the fiber optic cable that connects the Gowrie waterhole to the final control. It took us a little while to figure out what had happened, and by the time WE did, it was too late for a splicing team to leave Johannesburg and still make it through Gowrie gate into the reserve by 23h00 CAT, which is when the gate is closed. So they left this morning at dawn and should be at Djuma now ... only I am not sure because I have no comms with the team at Djuma at all!
The reason for this is that the main communications tower at Vuyatela (WE know it as Jurie's mast) was struck by lightning last night during a massive storm. This bolt of lightning damaged both of our Internet connections, the phone system and the mobile phone system ... effectivley cutting Djuma off from the outside world!
All the various suppliers have been informed and they are all at various stages of trying to get their repair teams on site, but right now WE are not sure how long everything is going to be down for.
As WE get information we will keep you informed ... it is in our nature!


Carol Williamson said...

Yikes! Sounds major! Hope all goes well. We miss you and hope to go on a game drive with you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this update. I'm so sorry for the problems you are experiencing. WE will be waiting eagerly for your return. It's in our nature. :)

Thanks for all the hard work that goes into bringing us this wonderful experience.


Anonymous said...

Oh My! You all really have your hands full!! We truly miss you and the drives, but are patient as you work to fix this crazy mess of problems. Good Luck and can't wait to see you all again.

Mysty (aka: Patty)

Teresa said...

Nature has it's own way of doing things. When WE is back online I'll be there to greet you!

Anonymous said...


Hope all is well with everyone. I am sorry you are having a lot of problem with the cables.. do miss ya and will await till the problem is resolved.. be safe


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry for all the problems you are facing. Do miss ya but I'm sure in time things will be resolved. More importantly be safe in doing so.. thank you for all you do...


Elise said...

I just hope everyone is ok and things get back to normal soon. Good luck!! We do miss you!

Anonymous said...

Missouri is battling damage from a massive ice storm & Djuma has massive problems from lightening & a rat - will be thinking of all of you at the lodge & nearby. Pray everything is "up & running" soon so we know all is well. Do miss seeing & hearing from everyone & the amazing critters we think of as our own now. Take care hope to see you soon!