Friday, 16 January 2009

What WE have and can still accomplish

It’s halfway through the first month of 2009 already, but still everything feels new and full of potential!

It’s also been a month since I joined the WE team and it has been quite the “eventful” introduction. Everything from sharing Christmas, not only with you, but also with a village full of happy children. I’m sure WE all agree that being able to give so much for those use to so little, was a very fulfilling experience. One that now has the potential to grow even bigger with the “Water for Dixie” project, something WE can once again share through the simple exercise of registering on – such a small task with the ability to accomplish so much.I can highlight other events too, like the Internet interruptions and the fibre optic line being replaced, but as I reflect on this first month it is the newness and potential that is foremost in my mind. In terms of “newness” I’ve had to adapt to a new environment, extended family and work place. My new backyard is now the bush in Djuma where our garden is filled with wild flowers sprouting forth at own will. My new place of work is either on the temperamental camera seat at the back of the Jigga or in front of the five screens in the FCC. Additionally, a new extended family which includes all of you and the WE team. All of which has been and is new to me, and I have to thank everybody for making this transition easier.In this short time I have also realized that the “potential” with what WE do and what WE experience together is also limitless. WE have seen how to grow even bigger and better through Twitter, in this way sharing with even more people. It’s this potential of sharing, which drives a large part of what WE do. Being able to share this beautiful area, the wonderful open people and the lives of animals like Wonky, Safari, Karula and the new additions to her family, is truly a wonderful adventure. An adventure that I know WE can make a great one – after all it’s in our nature.
Lieschen Smith


Angie Minyard said...

4 weeks already.It feels like you have always been with " us "
( WE viewers ).You are a fabulous addition to the team !
Welcome , again . I think your doing a fantastic job.

Stacy said...

I will say that I personally absolutely love that you are at camp now. The drives with you on camera and Pieter presenting are very enjoyable and you two have a wonderful chemistry.

I hope you are with WE for a VERY long time. So...happy belated welcome to WE and you are doing an amazing job at adapting to bush life.

PS Maybe you can start making your own sushi lol. It's actually quite fun to do, I make california rolls and spicy tuna rolls at home. Assuming you could get the ingredients driven in on a grocery run.