Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Journey

I write this quite quickly, I have to go on drive in less than 30 min. Someone asked me for a few pictures of the journey of giraffes WE have been seeing over the last many days, the group of females with the two beautiful young calves.
I had lots to mention and coming up with some funny puns isn't such a tall order, but I also don't want to go on for too long. . .and of course, I now have to almost run for the drive. . .and long stories can be such a pain in the neck. . .
But, before I end this, I do want to stick my neck out one quick time, and tell you something. . .sharing excitement and information is after all in our nature!
Karula's cubs were seen this morning!! Yes, cubs!! Two of them. Rexon heard from Efraim who saw them and also from Charles who found them. WE went there to try and see or show, but no luck. . .yet. They were apparently shy and a bit skittish and also in some thick, riverine terrain, all of this is to be expected. . .but they have been seen, on Djuma!! WE are obviously very excited and will talk about it on drive and around the fire tonight, WE might even see them tonight, keeping in mind of course other game-drive vehicles and more importantly, the needed space and respect for these little leopards. . .but certainly the Karula and new cubs journey is entering a new stage, and I thought you might want to know!
Hope to see you on the safari, and know you are part of OUR journey, naturally!
Pieter Pretorius

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Barb said...

These are gorgeous photographs, and I am so glad you posted them. I was watching the drive the day these were posted, and though I was disappointed not to see the cubs, it was great footage of Karula.

It's the first drive I've ever watched (just got introduced to WE, by way of Twitter) but it certainly won't be my last. I was staggered by the beauty of the country, and by you all.

When Pieter stopped to show us a patch of wildflowers, I was hooked forever. :)

Thanks for what you all do. And thanks to Rexon and Pieter for making my first-ever drive such a pleasurable experience.