Saturday, 13 December 2008

WElcome Lieschen!

Before embarking on her graduate studies Lieschen developed a love for South Africa, learnt to speak English at age five in Indianapolis (USA), climbed dunes in Namibia and au-paired in Yorkshire (UK). Her childhood experiences instilled in her a love for travelling and for the variety found in different cultures.
Yet there was this dream to be on the cover of Nature, as a genetic engineer making sick babies healthy, thus she pursued an academic career focusing on molecular biology, immunology and infectious diseases. Her research covered a wide range of scientific topics including yeast chromosomal genetics and the development of a genetically modified mouse model to be used as a tool in human infectious disease studies. This led to the completion of her PhD at the University of Cape Town and then the brief postdoctoral investigation into the complexity of Tuberculosis in the Western Cape.
But, as WE all know “life is like a box of chocolates” and there are surprises around many corners. One of these brought her to the bush. A space she learnt to appreciate and love through many childhood experiences. The chance “meeting” of Pieter, who had been a childhood friend from her time spent in Namibia, introduced her to WildEarth and sparked an interest in the WE concept. An interest, which grew even more during her first visit to Djuma several months ago. Lieschen found herself not only fascinated by what WE do and how WE do it, but also with the interactive WE family through which this “reality” bush experience was being broadcast. This extended to the beauty of the bushveld and also the open honest smiles on the faces of the Shangaan people and the WE community.
Sooner than she thought possible she embarked on a new career path and left Cape Town to pursue her WildEarth adventure. Welcome Lieschen, WE are excited to have you on the team and feel confident that your feminine presence will have a great effect on our WE crew.


Mike and 5 kids said...

A Very Big Welcome to you Lieschen ! You will find that WE Viewers will be a very supportive part of your WE Family.

We ( Mike and The Kids ) are very excited having you a new addition, especially my girls Gale and Bianca and 'Tina. We all hope to be seeing you soon on WE. Cheers !
- Mike and The Kids

Denise said...

Welcome to the WE team Lieschen :-)

Shae said...

As a new member- 'a baby' in the WE family- I send a big WELCOME to you Lieschen! I 'met' you for the first time at the fireside chat with Pieter. Thank you for bringing your expertise to this special family who love the beauty and diversity of nature. I look forward to seeing you more often in the time ahead!