Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Please help WE for FREE

You have all done so much for the village of Dixie this year, and WE have worked hard to bring you the best LIVE wildlife broadcast through 2008 ... WE now humbly ask you to do something for us over the next 24 hours.
Please help us to get into the top 5 of a few categories in the Shorty Awards. The first round closes at midnight on the 31st December 2008. Nominating us will not cost you a single cent and only take a few minutes of your time, but it could make a big difference to getting the word out there about WildEarth. You see WE are in negotiations with several PayTV operators all over the world and a win at the Shorty Awards will help them to take the risk on our new concept of LIVE wildlife TV because they will start hearing about WE in the mainstream media.
First you need a Twitter account, which is totally FREE, and a good idea anyway because then you will be able to follow @WildEarth on Twitter and track our Tweets. So scoot along to http://twitter.com and get registered ... :-)
Then send a Tweet from your new account to: @shortyawards I nominate @wildearth in category #entertainment because ... (write why you love WE, but make sure the whole message is under 140 characters).
You can nominate us in other categories as well (please do) but only one nomination per account per category. Here are some other categories you might nominate us in:
  • #socialmedia
  • #tech
  • #travel
  • #photography
  • #green
  • #tech
  • #video 
  • #media 
This really won't take very long and will make such a difference to us. It would be a great way to say thank you to the WE team for all the great viewing in 2008 and help us make 2009 an even better year.


Anonymous said...

I joined the Twitter but can't figure out to send to the award to nominate you !!!????? help!

nyliz said...

The twitter site seems so bare-where are the links to the awards and how do you send a tweet? I read the FAQ and still don't see how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Here's what to do to nominate WildEarth..
1. Sign up for a Twitter account if you havn'e already.
2. Go to http://www.shortyawards.com/
3. Int the "I want to nominate" area cut/paste...
"@shortyawards I nominate @wildearth in category #entertainment because"...and add your reason -space is limited to 140 character so be brief...
4.Include your Twitter account info below that.
5. Click the "nominate" button and you're done!
Be sure to also nominate WE under these catagories as well..
Bev/WildEarth Moderator

Anonymous said...

So sorry guys I joined twitter but have no idea how to vote for you from there. I'm not very computer savvy. I may have missed the boat been trying to figure it out for a few days now. Thanks Lizzid

Anonymous said...

Well I should learn to read Beverleys post set me straight nomination now in Good luck guys. :) lizzid