Monday, 24 November 2008

Siphiwe takes us into her home.

Thank you for your hospitality Siphiwe.
WE all appreciate the effort you put in to your job in the Final Control and the Tweeting. WE also all know that you keep the guys in line and look after us ... it is in your nature.


plinkplinkfizz76 said...

Hi zoomy......WOW what a wonderful humble home you have there, well done to you for making it what it is, and thank you for showing us around

Anonymous said...

for those of you that did not gett the full story of the small play that was done by the children at the end - here is a full translation - and I hope that you will be able to hold back your tears when you have read through it. Please remember that these are very young children - in fact when it is done in the Nursery Schools it is done by children under the age of seven!!

This is the story of AIDS

AIDS is a killer
No it is not - you can use a condom

Let us go to the Doctor to be tested

Knock, Knock

DR: How can I help you

Group - we haev come for blood tests

DR - Action of taking blood
DR: to one of the group
Sorry - you are positive.

Group comforts that person and says -
Dont worry - let us go to the shops!!

The way I heard it the first time - they said - Dont worry - lets go shopping!!

I never see this play without having to hold back my emotions. It is not fair for children of this age to have to face such things - but then I also rejoice - that this is now an accepted situation and no longer hidden in the back rooms and not discussed. The villages are working so actively in AIDS education - and as you see - it is showing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Siphwe, for opening up your home and introducing your boys to us! We appreciate you more than you will know! :)

Shaorn in Texas

Anonymous said...


You have a lovely home! And your sons are so handsome and the other kids were so sweet with their song..
Thanks for sharing with us and Herman, thanks for filming for us!

Kerri said...

I am glad you saw that as well. The first time I watched was without sound and I knew it was "The Drama of AIDS" when I saw the little girl walk up to each kid and "test" them. I will never forget the day you took me to see this in person. I couldn't agree more that it is very powerful and I am thrilled that many have now seen it here. Hope you are well and thanks to Herman.