Sunday, 26 October 2008

WE took the Dixie kids to the movies!!

Today the WEangels took 36 kids from the small rural town of Dixie to Nelspruit to watch a movie and have a hamburger lunch. A small thing in our worlds, but a major memory in theirs.
None of these kids have ever tasted a hamburger, seen a tarred road, been in side a mall, ridden an escalator or been to a movie.
Herman, Simon and of course Rexon, went along to make sure the kids had a great time, but also to film and photograph the day.
What a day it was. For those of us that live in western cities it is hard to imagine how strange, exciting and awe inspiring it is to leave your rural village and go on an adventure to the city like this. For us it would be like going to another planet.
On behalf of the parents, the crew of WildEarth, the whole of Djuma, and above all ... the kids of Dixie, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the contribution you made to the lives of these special children. I want you to all go to sleep tonight in the knowledge that you made a difference. Not something insignificant, but something life changing in the worlds of young kids that you have never met, and probably never will. But your touch was felt, and it will linger .. forever.
WE are already planning a massive Christmas party with presents for all the kids. WildEarth will be broadcasting it LIVE so you can all be a part of Christmas at Dixie this year. WE have a little money left over from this project, but WE will soon be asking the WEangels to step in and help change the lives of the less fortunate again ... it's in your nature ... and ours!
Here is the the video Herman made about the day.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video Herman: It was so heartwarming to see all those happy faces on the children! It made me so happy to see them enjoying theirselves so much. Thank-you for bringing it to us1 Jeanne


Fabienne said...

So many happy sweet little kids! I loved the funky dance they did in front of the mirror and how that ine cheeky fellow was picked off the escalator! Well done, loved the fact that you've let the images speak for themselves.

Emily: wonderful idea, a Dixie Christmas party! I will be in Egypt on holiday then, but please tell me how I can donate without using PayPal.

Well done everyone whether it was coming up with the idea, organising it, filming it, donating to make it happen or anything! It was a wonderful event that these kids will never forget and neither will I.

Anonymous said...

That video was so joyful. Thank you for what you have done for the children and for the whole WE community.


lynty said...

Kudos to those who made this possible with donations of cash, time and organisation.
I am amazed at the youngsters' abiltity to absorb it all and take it in their strides including the long bus journey there and back. What a treat for them all. Well done all.

Stacy said...

I found the urinal part so funny! I am so happy that the kids had a fantastic time! I am all for the next project in the see their smiles is so totally worth more than I could possibly even imagine!

BLTLADY said...

I can not tell you what I am feeling seeing all those happy little faces, it is so awe inspiring and had only wished the film had been longer so we could enjoy the whole time you were with the children. Also can not wait to see it at Christmas time too. God has truly blessed you all at Djuma and also those that helped make the children day happen. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.