Sunday, 5 October 2008

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Firstly I would like to apologize for not having written a Blog for a while. I am five weeks away from giving birth now and this last home stretch is very different from earlier on, as many of you will know. Exhaustion takes over and it is very hard to get everything done that you want to. However, it does mean that I have had two weeks worth of highly creative and inspirational videos to watch made by you guys. I have really enjoyed watching them and am blown away by the skill that seems to be ever increasing amongst our viewers. Thanks so much for the wonderful entertainment I look forward to more in the future.
However, before we watch them, I have some other news. Many of you have been asking about our wonderful Presenter and Cameraman, Texan. Unfortunately for us, after much discussion and deliberation,Texan has decided to take another opportunity that has been offered to him. He has been an absolute pleasure to have on the crew and WE wish him all the best in the future. He will be working nearby and as always he knows that door is always open here at WildEarth.
The Dixie Donation Project  has finally come to a close and WE have raised a whopping $2195.00. Graham and I and the rest of the WE team are supremely grateful for your generosity and feel that you should all be extremely proud of yourselves for enhancing the lives of these children. I am in the middle of organising the trip and so far we have three big bus loads of kids going to the movies on Saturday 25th October. I have not been able to choose a movie yet as the schedule for that date only opens at the end of this week. I will let you know as soon as it opens. There are a few of our WEangels who have donated in the last few days who we have not yet thanked. They are:-
Deborah Schmidt, Garret LeCron, Lela Crisswell, Annaliese Wade, Beverly Bailey, Sandi Isner, Stacey Manfredi, Mike Roberson (kids in the nest), Carolyn Roberson (kids in the nest), David Roberson (Kids in the nest), Ms Charlie and Mike Smith (also kids in the nest).
Finally, this week will see the start of our WEwalk again but this time the quality will hopefully be greatly improved. The Chat will continue after the walk and then on Friday 10th October Pete will start his WElearn show again. Have a great week and don't forget the fireside chat this evening.

OK, so here are my favorite videos from the past two weeks, I hope you enjoy them.
Emily Wallington

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Funny Video 1 by edpbs
This was outstanding. I love the way you have made it in sepia, it gives it that old filmic look and the music seems to match with every movement made by the vehicle. The animals also seem to move in time to the music. It is a real treat and extremely creative, well done. There is also a 'Funny Video 2' which is on the social network. This is also great, make sure you watch it.

Baboons Revolt! by Blaze
This was made a while ago for an old staff member of ours called Jan. I am sure that many of you remember him, he was a true legend. Blaze has added an intro to him at the beginning which made me remember how nice it was to have him around. The actual videos of baboons was also brilliant. The editing and music bought out their true characters and I felt I could have carried on watching for hours. Thanks Blaze.

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PMdrive25sep08 by Mike
I love the simplicity of this video and felt that Mike really caught the feeling you get when you go on a drive. He has fantastic graphics that top and tail the video making it feel extremely professional. Well done Mike, you chose a simple idea and turned into a true piece of entertainment. Thanks.

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A year in the life of Gowrie Dam by Sharon.
This was brilliant. The editing was outstanding, I loved the way that the different views, levels of water and day and night fused into each other. It truely gave a feeling of how often the dam changes in a year. It is a fantastic idea for a video and i am sure a lot of work collecting all the different views. Wonderful and thanks.

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The Art of Djuma by wile1
I love this style and have only recently realised that it is possible. it must take a lot of time to take pictures from Gowrie and convert them into pieces of artwork. It gives a very therapeutic feel and certainly something that I love watching at the end of a hard days work. Thanks wile1 for your time and skill.

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The Road by Marty
This is pure inspiration. Who would have thought that you could make such a great video from the bits in between the sightings. Marty, you are completely right. We always concentrate on what we see and don't sit back enough and enjoy the ride. This was wonderfully produced and edited and really made me sit back and enjoy the bush for what it is. Thanks.

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lynty said...

A Year in the life of Gowrie is beautiful. I hope we see water back in the dam soon. Thanks for this beautiful and inspirational video.