Monday, 13 October 2008

LIVE map of the Jigga!!

After a huge amount of work and jumping through any number of hoops, Pete has managed to get a LIVE GPS coordinate from the Jigga and display it on a map, so that you can keep up with the exact real time location of our game drive vehicle.
This seemingly simple bit of technology is the culmination of years of dreaming. You see, there is a whole lot of things WE can do now that we have this working. It will allow us to log the exact location of every bit of video in our archive system (should be available very soon). Pete has already begun work on our Google Earth layer, which will show roads and maybe leopard territories to begin with, but will soon include tons of other interesting geo tagged information.
Take a look at and enjoy ... it's in your nature.


ginlyn said...

Wow, this is really great feature. Can't wait to track the jigga on the DRIVES. Thanks for adding this feature to an already great site.
Lynn at Markham Ontario Canada.

lynty said...

A resounding success and an awful lot of fun. KUDOS to all involved in bringing this toy to our desktops. Thank you

dacman said...

I love the GPS map! It`s great to follow the vehicle when they go off road.