Friday, 24 October 2008

Going to the movies and some videos

Well the day has finally arrived. Today (25th October 2008) WildEarth and its Angels are taking the kids of Dixie to the movies. I think I have everything in place and WE are expecting it to go off smoothly. At 6.30am Rexon will pick up Herman and Simon from the gate and together they will wait on the roadside by Dixie for the three big buses to arrive. They will be coming from Nelspruit and Dixie is not the easiest village to see from the dirt road so it is important that the guys flag them down as they drive past. Thirty Six children, three adults from the school and Rex,Simon and Herman will board the bus, destination Nelsrpuit. Herman and Simon will be loaded with camera, tapes and mics so that they can record each and every part of the day for you. WE unfortunately have not managed to organise LIVE filming for you but will post a BiTS shortly after we get back to show you everything that went on. On arrival at Nelspruit, Rex will take the kids for a hamburger lunch. WE thought that it was good to get the lunch in before the movie in case some of the smaller ones get hungry. At 12pm they will head to the theatre where they will be met by Bongani, the theatre manager. He will hand each child a pack which will include popcorn, a slush puppy and some smarties. They will then be ushered in to watch the very popular 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'. I think it will be unlikely that the boys will be able to film once inside the movie theatre becaue of copyright issues but I will make sure that I find out all about their reactions once inside so that I can report back. We will also get some interviews with the kids afterwards so they can let you know how exciting it was for them. Unfortunately, after the movies it is homeward bound for our happy kids. Once again thanks for making this possible and you can be sure WE will record everything for you. It is a once in a lifetime trip for these guys and it was all made possible by you......its in your nature!

I have three amazing videos to show you today. All three really touched me, I hope you enjoy them and once again well done to all of our creative viewers for putting together such works of art. Enjoy.
Emily Wallington

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When Animals Hide by wile1
Firstly can I say how much I like this music. Graham and I have been humming it all day. The pictures work so well with the music, great editing. I love the idea for this video. Animals are so naturally camouflaged to their environment, It always amazes me. You have spent a lot of time and effort finding good footage for this,so thanks, it works perfectly.

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Baboon babys 2 by edpbs
What an amazing scene. It really is happy families and the music adds to this picture. These kids love the rock playground, its a great new adventure for them. Really great footage edpbs, it gives me a warm feeling inside. Thanks

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Karula - I am woman by Aquila
How true is this statement. She is a perfect role model for all the other female leopards out there. What a wonderful cat. To see her jumping up the tree with the impala in her jaws is a great sight. Thanks for catching this Aquila and putting this fantastically appropriate piece of music to it. It hits the nail on the head.

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