Thursday, 18 September 2008

WE weekly videos

Welcome back to the weekly video spot which I love. For me it is a joy to watch all the creative and totally inspirational videos made by you guys each week. I can always tell which sighting or event was the most favorite in the week as there are so many videos on that subject. For example, this week it was the cheetah sighting and the new WEwalk show. I think WE saw the cheetah in two of our drives this week which is extremely unusual here at Djuma. They are incredibly beautiful cats and certainly one of my favorites. WEwalk started off with a bang last week with some rather friendly elephants but has carried on all week and seems to be settling in as a very popular show. Pieter of course is fantastic. And I think he was made for doing bush walks. In today's show he walked with some dwarf mongeese (or is it mongooses?) LIVE. What an amazing experience. Anyway, before I let you watch the videos that I have chosen this week I just want to mention a cool new tool which is advertised on the front page of our site It is called Animoto. It is a wonderful and quick way to create your own picture and music videos. Graham made one of our honeymoon and it was awesome. It's a great tool for creating memories. Go have a look and try it out for free, I loved it. Enjoy.

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Safari with leopard by edpbs
This a wonderful video which is really light hearted and fun. It certainly is a safari and what I love is that edpbs has added different music when different animals come along. It really gives me a sense of being on the vehicle and seeing different sightings. I especially love the western music when the buffalo's come on. You chose some lovely footage as well,especially the stuff of Safari the leopard. Her one blind eye always astounds me. I can't believe an eye can do that, its actually quite beautiful even though tragic. Anyway, thanks for this edbps, as usual beautifully edited and produced.

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The Shy One by David Keen
Its amazing to have seen Tingana grow up. I remember when her and her sister,Saseka, were first born. Today they are pretty much fully grown leopards and both so beautiful, like their mother, Karula. This is a beautiful video and so relaxing to watch. Watching her stroll through the bush on an evening walk to incredible therapeutic music is exactly what I want after a stressful day. Thanks David.

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