Thursday, 11 September 2008

WE videos

Well this week saw the launch of three new shows for WildEarth and all seem to have worked out well so far. The first was on Monday and called WElearn with our resident 'Bird Man' Pete Braat. It was incredibly informative and a wonderfully educational addition to WildEarth. On Tuesday we launched WEchat and although many of our avid viewers were asleep, there were some awake. Hopefully this will increase. This show is designed to allow our viewers to speak to members of the crew in real time directly after the drive and walk. Today saw the beginning of the WEwalk and what a beginning it was. Pieter had a close interaction with a female elephant who definitely wanted to let him know that she was there. It was an incredibly exciting walk and just shows how different it is to being in the vehicle. The technical side did not excite me as much because the picture and sound was not so good but WE are working on that and I am sure that each day will improve.

Thanks again to all our viewers in this exciting week for posting so many videos on the site. I have chosen four videos which complement each other nicely. I hope you enjoy.

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Night Drives by edpbs
Well this is a celebration of infra-red and it deserves it. Sometimes I forget how many beautiful animals come out at night and the wonderful sightings that you get when filming in infra-red. Firstly it doesn't disturb the animals as much as white light an as a result you get behaviour at night that you wouldn't otherwise get. Black and white is also great. I have always loved pictures in black and white, it gives them a certain edge. It was well edited to great music and an inspirational idea, we don't often get videos made purely from night drives. well done edpbs and thanks.

Beauty of Africa by Blaze
I love this series Blaze and can see how much hard work you have put into it. The colours are vivid and the music is wonderful and it truly does depict 'the beauty of Africa'. Thanks Blaze, you have really outdone yourself this time.

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They be Children Now by David Keen
Great David and as always beautiful music. It was so wonderful to see lions again especially as they seem to be doing so well. Its always great to see cubs and this video brings it all back for me. It was well edited and the subject matter was great. Thanks

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Little Elephants by edpbs
This is the second one this week by edpbs and you deserve it. You have really excelled yourself with some fantastic videos. Firstly this one really appeals to me because it is babies and they have so much personality. Their behaviour works so well to music, it almost looks like they can hear the music and are moving in time. It was a fun, light hearted video with great music and editing. Thanks

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naturewatcher said...

Great videos one and all ! And 'WELL DONE' to WildEarth on a week of firsts. May you continue to grow and share your world with the rest of us. Thank you