Tuesday, 5 August 2008

WildEarth's first LIVE kill!!

Well, there is not much that I can say.
It was 10 years ago in August 1998 that we began the world's first wildlife broadcast from here at Djuma Game Reserve. I am humbled by the privelage of still being here 10 years on, to broadcast our first LIVE kill. especially as it is Safari, a leopard that I have watched and filmed for a long long time. It is very special to just see this beautiful grandmother, let alone watch her make a kill.
A very big "thank you" to Rexon and Marco for achieving this special moment in our history. You guys are stars.
Thank you Valorie for being so fast off the mark with the video.
Thank you, thank you.


BLTLADY said...

what an absolutely exciting day for me and everyone watching. I am on cloud nine right now after witnessing that fantastic view of the kill. Thank you all at WE for sharing that experience with all of us.

Anonymous said...


I am in awe at how FAST Safari had that duiker!
Who would ever have thought that someday we would view this amazing thing online!! Thank you WildEarth!!!!
Sharon in Texas

Anonymous said...

It was a little difficult to watch, but there's a terrible beauty & efficiency to it.

Thank you Rexon, Marco & WE for the experience.

Mike Dailing said...

WOW Graham - Valorie's Video is truly remarkable as the FIRST LIVE KILL. Just watching it is thrilling in itself and one could only imagine the feeling that went through Rexon and Marco. You can hear the excitement in Rexon's voice. I even believe we can hear Rexon's heart beat! "Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom". At least mine did while watching this video. Thanks again GRAHAM on the new FIRST after 10 years in the making.. and YEP.. getting stronger and stronger on a daily basis. -Mike and The Kids

plinkplinkfizz76 said...

WOW well done to rexon & marco for finally getting WEs first ever kill live on tv :) WELL DONE, it was a sad moment in time but that is nature, the way things are out in the bush, but i do know one thing......i dont know about anybody else, but i most definatly could NOT watch a lion kill a buffalo or giraffe, no way on this earth lol, probably because the smaller ones seem to die quicker but i would rather watch the big ones after they were dead and they were eating it, does that sound ironic & two faced ???
thanks guys
emma from uk