Saturday, 9 August 2008

WE-BiTS 9th August 2008

This week Marco out did himself. Certainly his best WE-BiTS so far. Take a look as Marco shows you how Neville came down from Johannesburg and managed to repair the sound at Gowrie waterhole ... thank you Neville. There is an amusing look at Pieter and Rory swapping out the batteries between the Final Control and the Jiga, with some strange hand thing at the end. But what makes this BiTS special is the journey that Marco and Rexon took to Dixie to show us around the school and the new Shangaan dance venue. Enjoy, I know I did.


cynthiab said...

Fantastic! Thank you, Marco and Rex, for the visit to Dixie. Would love to see WE viewers adopt that school in a meaningful way. ;-)

astagranny said...

Thank you Marco for an awesome documentary, and thanks also to Rexon for sharing. I agree with cynthiab in that WE viewers would love to help with the school in some way. That would also be in our nature.