Monday, 4 August 2008

Change is coming.

On the 10th August 2008 WE will stop broadcasting in the Windows Media 9 format outside of South Africa. That means you will need to watch WildEarth by going to
WE are all very grateful to One Net Place and in particular Art Bacon, for having provided a distribution platform to so many of our viewers when WE only had capacity for 80 simultaneous viewers all those months ago. I know that I speak for many many people when I say a big WE thank you. Art, you made a lot of people happy ... it's in your nature.
The time has come to move onto the Flash platform as this will allow us to build a very exciting set of services and functions around our LIVE video that would be very difficult or impossible in the Windows Media 9 format. Also, WE have operated without our own website for a long time and it is now quite important that we consolidate our viewers and streams in one place so that we can better control the flow of information, and just be a little more professional. Being spread all over the Internet has been interesting, but WE are growing up now.
I realise that change is difficult and in some ways it's a leap of faith, but like the monkey above, WE will be OK. I think that the vast majority of people have managed to receive the Flash stream with no difficulties, and those that have had problems have almost all needed to download the latest version of Flash and they were fine. If you do have a problem please write to me at, but first please check the video section under 'resources' on the site. If you can't solve the problems yourself please include information on your operating system, Flash version and browser type and version when you write to me.
Those of you that live in South Africa, and buy your Internet connection through Telkom, will still be able to view WildEarth in the Windows Media 9 format at
Finally, Zaplive are implementing a significant upgrade of the underlying content management system that runs on tomorrow. This process will begin at 08h00 CAT (Central African Time) and the site will be down (unavailable) for between an hour and 4 hours.
Please don't panic ... it's not in your nature!
Graham Wallington


TexasBlonde said...

I have to add my heart felt thank you to Art Bacon for providing the extra seats. He enabled many of us who had previously had a very hard time jumping on the tank.

Art, no words can express how much joy you brought to us with the additional seats. Thank you, thank you so much.

Auntie Lyn said...

any reason why the flash is not working? even tho I know there is live video streaming, I'm getting "information not available" off the flash. Hopefully this wont turn into 80 only slots again.

Kathy in WV said...

I, too, thank Art Bacon & WildEarth's efforts to get the broadcasts out to as many as possible.

I only hope that the Flash feed is improved as both last night & today it has been nothing but a stop/start feed. I have high speed cable Internet, a reasonably fast computer & updated Flash so I don't believe the problem is here, especially since others are reporting a start/stop feed, too.

Thanks, again.