Monday, 21 July 2008

Why is this the most viewed WE video on YouTube?

Don't get me wrong, I know that wild dogs are cool and popular, but why did this video get over 22,000 views on YouTube when there are literally hundreds of others about wild dogs that are just as good.
I would be very interested to hear theories on why this video is streaking out in front.


Colleen said...

I actually saw a WE video that elektricat posted that has over 95 thousand views.

I have several WE videos myself that have over 35 thousand views each and for the life of me have no idea why. LOL They are not the most unique sightings by far.

I would think maybe the title but for mine they are not unusual titles when referencing African wildlife sightings. Their titles are: "Elephant Bulls Pay Lions a Visit - Djuma 07/03/07", "3 Old Buffalo Bulls Check Out Lions' Kill Djuma 7/3/07", and "Two Unidentified Creatures Djuma 05/13/07".

Hope you can figure it out! :)


Stacy said...

Depending on the tags whomever posted the video put could be one that comes up often in many different searches. Wild dog, Djuma, Wild Earth, Painted dog, safari.

Regardless...I wish WE could catch more of these beautiful painted dogs. I haven't been lucky enough on a drive to see any. Beautifully rare creatures.

But in all's a WE video...of course it will have a tonne of hits! :p

Anonymous said...

It's all about the tags & linking sites. ANY vid that shows animals mating will end up on sex & fetish sites, & that shoots the views up.
The next hot tag is hunting, which is a tag in that wild dog vid. And it is linked to a lot of sites too.
Not saying these are not good vids, but the view count is not a good indicator on youtube.