Wednesday, 2 July 2008

This Week @ WildEarth # 5

This week was a great week for sightings. Although we had a few problems with the Jiga resulting in the loss of some of the drives, there were a great variety of animals around the rest of the time which made up for it. One of my favorites was the huge python skin that Pieter found. I think it is the biggest snake I have ever seen, hopefully we might actually get to see the owner when the weather gets a bit warmer. Catching a glimpse of Safari for the first time in WildEarth's history was a spectacular highlight. She is a famous cat in the Sabi Sands and also the mother of our beloved Karula. Thanks to everyone for putting together a variety of different highlight packages this week. As usual there is a serious amount of creativity flowing amongst our viewers. Koloakid made 'A week in the African Bush' which is a wonderful collection of pictures from the week. They are beautifully put together to great music. You are a great editor, maybe you should try video, I think you would be great at it. Anyway, thanks, I really enjoyed it. Once again I have to say that this week Sagresta's is my favourite. Her weekly highlghts video was made in an old film style, I loved it. The beginning part which was behind the scenes had some fantastic effects. The old film and speeding up of footage was classic and a lovely change to the norm. You managed to get all the good sightings from the week in and all in all it was a great bit of entertainment. Thanks and well done.
Weekly Highlights By Sagresta

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For the next few weeks WE are going to take a break from the behind the scenes show. Marco leaves for his holiday on Friday and WE will resume the show when he gets back ... with some exciting new changes.

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