Monday, 14 July 2008

Locate Yourself

I must say, I have traveled a lot (depending on your definition of a lot) but I had never before seen this part of Africa nor the splendor that is Djuma. Immediately upon arriving I beheld a new world. The place was different, the air smells different, the wild animals were of a different sort. I was in a new place and indeed there was room for wonder …
The people here spoke a language that sounded very familiar to me … after a minute on hiatus it struck me, this is Shangaan – my mother speaks Shangaan but I have grown only to hear it spoken when we have family and relatives over during festivities … now that was my favorite time while growing up (more on that some other time).
The camp is awesome … we also have a lot of animal visitors … some of them are welcomed, and others, like the rat ...
I have met great people, and animals, who embrace this concept of bringing wildlife stories LIVE to audiences around the world, its in their nature and its certainly starting to creep in mine.

Words by Motheo Seleke

(News: Check this out: It was made by (the hosts of our new Flash service at It is an early German language version of potential International sites.)

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Fabby said...

Thanks for this blog and your messages on Twitter, Motheo, I'm loving them! Already it seems like you have always been at WE.

The German test site looks brilliant! Very exiting, there's a lot of potential viewers there! It is also pleasantly written.