Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Goodbye Alex.

Well Alex's last day is finally here and what a sad day it is. I decided that rather than do a normal video highlights for the week I would concentrate on some of the great farewell tributes that you guys have made for Alex. Alex has become a solid member of the WE team but not just because of his inspirational camera work but also because of his character. He appears to be a shy person on the surface but I have never seen so many funny and crazy antics come from one person. The first and maybe most memorable was a long time ago when he and Rex imitated a number of wild animals sounds in infra red on the vehicle at night. His impression of a chimpanzee followed by Rex's wooping of a hyena went down in the memory banks of all the viewers and certainly something that I will never forget. It features in the videos below if by any chance you missed it. The next thing was his Shangaan dancing lesson. This consisted of Rex and Alex standing opposite from each other, on the Tree House dam wall frantically kicking their legs in the air until Rex actually fell on his back and rolled out of shot. It bought tears to my eyes and a fantastic array of videos made by our creative viewers. The third and probably most ridiculous sighting was of Alex letting his hair down (literally) in the FCC. On this day he decided to let his hair free from the restricting braids and shake it around in front of the camera much to the amusement of Jan who was looking on.
Alex you have been an inspiration to WildEarth and someone that Graham and I and the WE team will sorely miss. You have given an audience from around the world a fantastic window into the African bush and for that WE are truly grateful. As Graham said the door will always be open for you here at WildEarth but in the meantime good luck with your future endeavours.
Alex will be doing his last drive for WildEarth this afternoon at 16.00 CAT. Please join us in watching him and celebrating a truly wonderful person.
As I am sure that you have noticed WE have a new inverter and the batteries appear to be performing better due to careful management by the world's best LIVE wildlife team ... it's in their nature.
Emily Wallington

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