Monday, 16 June 2008

Some great WE videos

Once again I have been trawling through the videos section on our WE social network site and I have found some great new additions. This section has grown quickly, there are now 328 videos an it is increasing every day. WE love to watch them and thank you for your support. It is truly wonderful to have such creative and enthusiastic viewers. I have attached a few videos that I have found over the past week that I really enjoyed. I hope you like them.

Sunrise in Africa by Shiloh.

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This is truly beautiful. There is something about watching the African sunset that sends shivers down my spine. We do not make enough of the sunsets and sunrises. The music goes with this perfectly and it is a great piece. I also love the fact that it is sprinkled with beautiful shots of wildlife, many of which are babies. Babies for me always sell, I could watch them until the comes come home. This is beautifully edited and the shots are chosen with great care. Thanks Shiloh and well done.

The Elephant Bull by edpbs

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Well, this really was the highlight of the WE week. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, I couldn't believe it. I was pretty sure that Marco had it in hand but you never know. I must admit I was quite scared. This elephant was in full musth and he was not happy. It was so amazing to get it on the waterhole cameras as well because then we saw exactly how close he came to the vehicle. At one stage I thought he could reach out and touch Alex's back. It was a great sighting in which Marco and Alex handled both the driving and the camerawork fantastically. Thanks for recording this, its a moment I will probably never forget.

Wildearth - My first video. My week at Wildearth by Koloakid

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Because this is your first ever video and it is so beautifully put together I wanted to publish it here on the blog. It is actually some highlights from the week before last but it doesn't matter as it has some really beautiful stuff in. I thought the music fitted very well and your transitions between shots were nothing short of perfection. Thanks for making the effort and well done. please keep it up.

Happy Trails Jan by Barbw

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Well what a sad moment and something that I wanted to publish on this blog as it is a highlight of the week, even though it is no really a happy one. WE are losing Jan for the next few months and to say that WE will miss him is an understatement. I think it was great that he let you, the audience know LIVE on air and I think by the sound of his voice and the watery eyes he is also very sad to go. Thanks for showing us this Barb, once again your have made a lovely video.

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