Sunday, 8 June 2008

Some great WE videos

The WE weekly highlights have been going for 2 weeks now and it is working really well. WE love the new concept and hope that you guys enjoy watching the Friday shows and making the videos. Please keep your weekly highlights coming in, WE are loving them. I will post the winner and some of the best ones on the Blog on Tuesday so it gives you a couple more days to produce something. Today I just wanted to post some of the other videos that have been created over the last little while. As usual our creative viewers have made a great variety of films covering many different topics. I have picked three of my favorites, I hope that you enjoy them and well done to the film-makers.

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A little Bit of Heaven - Barbw
This is absolutely fabulous. Firstly the visuals are amazing. The stills that you chose really encompass what WE do. They have covered so many different sightings and moments, it is great to watch. Secondly the music really makes it. It is very African and totally emotional. It was a very clever choice and coupled with the wonderful pictures and great editing this film gave me goose bumps. The bush really is a little bit of heaven and Barb showed us this very creatively. Well done and thanks.

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Cape Buffalo and Djuma Game Reserve - edpbs
This has to be watched. Buffalo are usually found in large herds and there are some huge ones at Djuma. This film has been beautifully created with herds of buffalo moving across the land in the mist to wild west type music. This music is made for these shots and the editing is very well done. I really enjoy the pace of this film - in fact I could watch it over and over again. well done edpbs.

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Mapogo Boys kill again - Ms Charlie and the students.
Well they are back again and still on their killing spree. The Mapogos are a very dramatic pride of lions and this piece of film-making has really caught their personalities. The music is very epic, just like the lions and shows us the pure power that these animals really have in the Sabi Sands. The shots are good and the editing is well produced. Well done and thanks for the effort.

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