Monday, 30 June 2008

Around and About.

This weeks 'Fireside Chat Show' seemed to have gone a lot better than last week (phew). Marco has been a master of sound and making every effort to ensure that the audio is in top shape.
Yesterday afternoons game drive unfortunately came to an abrupt end due to a problem with the batteries on Jigga. Luckily, Pieter and Rexon found Wonky and another elephant bull at the waterhole so WE could still get some interesting viewing from a different angle. WE all know Pieters fondness for ellies, but I think that Wonky might actually be developing a fondness for Pieter!
The waterhole again showed some interesting activity at around 21h00 CAT with a gorgeous female leopard tenderly exploring the area. Pieter was controlling the camera at the time but WE couldn't quite make out which female it was. Not sure if the video or stills were good enough to make a positive ID, but if anyone has got any thoughts or theories on who this leopard was I'd love to hear them.
On game drive this morning, Pieter and Marco picked up lion tracks with lots of activity in the area, looking very much luck the Mapogos. Here's hoping that WE will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of them some time very soon.
Marco will be going off Friday 4th of July (in search of some well earned independence). Alex is still on his holiday and presently in Scandinavia having a magic time. We'll see him back in camp from the 12th of July. For the moment though, the WE crew are milling about like bees, ensuring that everything is at it's best to bring you the magic from Djuma LIVE ... it's in our nature! ( ... and fast becoming in mine!)
Written by Angie

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Just another Day in Africa

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Just another Day in Africa by Marco Tonoli
Marco, this is a creative masterpiece. I love the fact that it is in black and white and I love the pace. Both of these give it such an arty and slightly European feel (if you know what I mean). It is incredibly well directed and each shot is a piece of art. The music adds to the feel and pace. I like the fact that it starts and ends with Alex and the camera, it truly depicts a WE game drive. Thanks for doing this, its great entertainment and very well done.
Emily Wallington

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Who let the dogs out by Aquila
I know that you said that you were just trying out some new things when making this but I absolutely loved it. It is truly entertaining and wonderful to see so many cool animals come to the waterhole at night. You guys are lucky being awake at that time. Thanks for doing this, I love this piece of music, it always makes me laugh.

Beauty of Africa By Blaze
This is a beautiful collection of pictures from WE. Every single one is well chosen. Thanks for doing this Blaze, I really enjoyed it.

Cry the Beloved Tank...

It's cold. It's dark. You've slept outside the whole evening. Your body is scarred from thorn trees and scrambling through the bush. For years you've been battered about, and most days you are poked and prodded. Now it's 6 o'clock in the morning and you have to get going. It's no wonder the start to the day may be a struggle. Of all the staff at WE, I think he has it the hardest.
Good old faithful TANK!
Poor old soul, he was recently forced into semi-retirement. His replacement has been a bit spoilt. A cheeky little thing, all shiny and cute, Jigga stepped in and filled his tracks. Now it's a new page, and Jigga has to deliver, and so far has done a brilliant job of it. Tank still gets out and about though, with short excursions in and around Djuma. Rexon obliges, to keep him fit. And Tank helps to get him to work when needed.
Neither the Jigga nor the Tank are on the payroll and they don't get days off. Day in and day out, it's been their job to get out there and find us the magic. So if we find ourselves wanting to curse them because they took an extra few minutes in the morning, I think we need to remind ourselves that without them, none of it would be possible.
Written by Angie

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Chilled to the bone.

Marco three. Rexon four. Angie four..... I'm referring to the layers of clothes WE had on this icy morning. Imagine the state of panic the washing machine must be in! But despite the numb fingers and chattering teeth , every minute of the cold is worth the privilege of experiencing what the magic African bush allows us to experience. It was a quiet start to the day, yet Marco found some Dagga boys this morning at the waterhole. Buffalo show a tendency to visit a waterhole each morning and afternoon to quench their thirst. I've heard many people comment that they do not find buffalo as entertaining as some of the other animals. I do protest! This quiet, dogmatic, bulldozer of a creature has more to it than we give credit for. The herds daily foraging when observed shows more order and structure than what it seems, with a distinct hierarchy. Those with higher rank usually central and the less dominant around the fringes. Natures way of securing survival of the strongest gene. If predators attempt a hunt, they will have opportunity at the weaker ones first. When they are preyed upon, it has been seen how they will stand together to fend them off, and not give up until an end. No, they are not wandering aimlessly. So next time you see the slow, meandering buffalo, take a few moments more to ponder what they may be up to.
Written by Angie

Friday, 27 June 2008

Fresh Start.

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and despite the sleepiness, my eyes spring open. I realise I have the best alarm clock in the world.
'Whooooooop'. A wandering hyaena greets the day.
Emily and Graham are helping me settle in and are checking that everything here at the WE office is on track. For a newcomer, it reminds you of a beehive. It looks like everyone is running in circles, but each person knows their purpose and persues it willingly. When the day is past, WE relax around a warm fire and I realise there shall never be a dull moment here at WE. Between Grahams contagious laugh, and Marco's ever amusing stories about childhood pets, life at WE is cosy!
This mornings drive started on a good note. No mist and a beautiful sunrise. Pieter and Rexon tried their best to find a leopard this morning, hot on the trail of fresh tracks in the Twin Dams area, but to no avail. This afternoon at 3:30 CAT, don't forget to join us for 'Behind the Scenes'. Following that, WE will have Marco on camera and Rexon presenting on the game drive.
Written by Angie

Thursday, 26 June 2008

WElcome Angie!

Angie is a Johannesburg girl who loves the great outdoors. A lot of her childhood was spent hiking with her parents in and around South Africa. They taught her all about the tracks and small things in the bush and her love of nature grew and grew. Since then Angie has been a guide for many years and her knowledge of the bush is huge. However, this self confessed bush addict has many other skills. She studied English and communications and loves to write. Her ability to bring the humour out in a daily situation is amazing and WE are excited to have her writing for us. WildEarth would like to welcome our very own Lara Croft!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This week @ WildEarth #4

This was a spectacular week for WildEarth with some amazing sightings. The best one for me was the angry bull elephant in musth. I will never forget the excitement and fear that it conjured up watching poor Alex and Marco as they drove away with an elephant metres behind. Another spectacular sighting was the meeting of the hyena and zebra in front of Rexon's vehicle. I couldn't believe how little tension there was between these two, it was almost like a social event. Thanks to everyone who used their creative skills and put together a montage of the weeks sightings. Marco, as usual put together an awesome behind the scenes package, I particularly enjoyed the weighing of the buffalo horns. I must admit those horns really suited him! I am also pleased that Graham and I had a chance to tell you a bit about what the WildEarth journey has been like for us.
Sagresta's weekly highlights was my favourite this week. As usual she created a brilliant and entertaining look at the weeks sightings. I especially enjoyed the end. It was a very funny moment when Marco drove into that bush and I thought that putting it at the end was a great idea. I think that is what I enjoy most about your videos Sagresta, you always manage to add a little bit of humour. Thanks and well done.

Weekly Highlights by Sagresta.

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Tributes to Jan

Well he has finally gone and what a sad day it is. Jan left this morning (Sunday 22nd June) and by now he is at home in Johannesburg. He has been a wonderful member of our crew and WE can't wait for him to come back. There have been many wonderful videos made over the week but today I thought that I would choose three that are tributes to Jan. He has given us many emotional and funny moments both from the FCC and when on drive. I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks to Valorie, Ms Charlie, Koloakid and edpbs.

Wildearth Jan's Goodbye by Valorie.

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Valorie, once again you have excelled yourself. This is beautiful, emotional, well produced and fantastically edited. It really gives a great tribute to Jan and something that will be kept in WE's history forever. Thanks.

Ranger Jan leaves us for a few months.......sad day by Ms Charlie and the students.

This is also a great tribute which shows us some lovely moments from Jan's drives culminating in his farewell at the end. Thanks for putting this together.

Tribute to Jan by Koloakid

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This is also beautiful and well edited. You showed us some great stills photographs from both the FCC and the drives and it is a lovely archive of Jan shots. Thanks and well done.

In memory to Jan by edpbs

The drive that Alex and Jan did on 29th May 2008 was one to remember. They came across two cheetah and Jan was excited, to say the least. It was an amazing sighting and a wonderful memory of Jan. Thanks for recording this.
So Jan has left and Alex has started his two week leave. WE have a new member of staff starting on Wednesday and she is called Angie. She is a great girl with many skills, so WE will welcome her to the team.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Goodbye to Jan the man!

WE can't actually believe that he is going. Along with Pieter he is our longest standing member of the team and what a journey WE have had with him, and he with WE. Jan started work for us in December 2006 having virtually completed an audio visual production degree. He quickly became a solid member of the team and an extremely popular person throughout Djuma and the surrounding area. Jan is always off visiting other guides, going to airstrip parties or just having a few drinks with friends. He is incredibly sociable and loved by every person who lives on the property. His leaving party promises to be huge with a lot of people very sad to see him go.
Another thing about Jan that I respect so much is his great enthusiasm for learning the system and understanding the technology of LIVE television. There have been many midnight calls between Graham and Jan and in fact if the phone rang at anytime throughout the night I would no longer worry. I knew that it was probably Jan with his head under the vehicle who needed a bit of advice or support. WE really knew that he would work and work until the job was done. It actually meant something to him which is all you can ask for in a crew member.
Some of the funnier things that I remember are his constant hunt for women in the bush, which to be honest is one of the hardest hunts you can go on out here. They are so incredibly rare that it takes weeks to track one down. However, Jan was remarkably good at this, quite the little hunter!
His incredible ability to fall asleep wherever he happens to be, and whatever time, always amuses me. One day I was in the work shop chatting to him and he was working on something to do with the car. I popped out for 5 minutes and when I returned he was literally fast asleep lying across the driver and passenger seat. Unbelievable!
Jan has been a wonderful crew member and all round team player. He gets on with everyone and is always prepared to do the job even if he really doesn't want to. Jan, you will be sorely missed, you had better come back soon. Thanks for everything, you have certainly made a large part of WE history.
Written by Emily Wallington

Note: As you all know, Jan has been working day and night trying to get the Jiga back on the road. This morning he thought it was finished and WE were planning to have his farewell drive this afternoon. Unfortunately the thermostat housing broke as it was being reinstalled. We quickly phoned around and a new one has been sourced in Nelspruit. Minutes later Rexon had begun the 5 hour round trip to collect the housing. WE are all super frustrated that we have missed another drive and are hoping that Rex will get back in time to make this afternoons drive happen. If not, Jan will do his farewell drive in the morning. I am sure that we are all looking forward to it.
I also just want to say a big THANK YOU to Jan for everything. I understand that he must go and do what he must do, but I want him, and all of you, to all know that doing what we do is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication and a commitment that is hard to explain. WE fight a never ending war to maintain this broadcast on more levels than I can describe. It is only possible when WE have team members like Jan. Dedicated, passionate, inventive and committed. People who believe that nothing is impossible and nothing will stop them.
Jan, you are a WildEarth Spartan ... it will always be in your nature. You WILL be back.
All the best, Graham ;-)


Well, many of you have been asking us to give you the Shangaan names for the animals at Djuma, and after Karen in Virginia would no longer take no for an answer, Rex and Siphiwe sat down and went through the list.
When I first looked at it I was surprised to see that some of the words are different to what I had expected. For example the word for leopard is yingwe and i had always thought it was ingwe. Rex and Siphiwe explained that these words on this list are the pure Shangaan names and that many of the terms that WE use on the radio are a sort of Safari slang that is part Shangaan and part Zulu, with a bit of who knows what thrown in. WE live and learn ... its in our nature.
In any event, we will add to this list and the team have promised to give us the Safari slang names as well. Enjoy ...


Aardvark = xiwabana
African Wild Cat = xikatsi
Baboon =mfenhe
Buffalo = nyarhi/nyathi
Bushbaby = nwana kahina
Bushbuck = mbavala
Caracal = nandzana
Cheetah =xikakaka
Civet = mfungwe
Duiker = mhunti
Eland(even tho not seen here) = mhofu
Elephant = ndlopfu
Genet = nsimba
Giraffe = nhutlwa
Hippo = pfuvu
Honey Badger = xinzele
Hyaena = mhisi
Impala = mhala
Jackal(blacked back) = mangawana
Jackal(side striped) = mhungubya
Kudu = nhongo
Lion = ngala
Leopard = yingwe
Mongoose(white tailed) = tlholodwa
Mongoose(dwarf) = matsikitsorho
Mongoose(banded) = nkala
Mongoose(slender) = mangovo
Nyala = nyala
Pangolin = qwarhi
Porcupine = jelwana
Reedbuck = nhlangu
Rhino(Black) = mhelembe
Rhino(White) = mkhumbi
Scrub Hare = mpfundla
Scrub Hare Baby =
Serval =
Squirrel = macindana
Steenbok = xipene
Vervet monkey=nkawu
Warthog = honci
Waterbuck = pivha
Wild Dog = mahlolwa
Wildebeest = hongonyi
Zebra =mangwa

Other Terms Used
Male = nuna/madoda
Female = nsati/mfasi
Cub = n’wana/mapipana
Predator's Kill = nyama ya swi vandanza
Dead animal found/not from predator = ku ngari hi xivandzana
Animal laying down = etlela hansi/lala phasi
Animal moving = famba famba /jika jika
You snooze you lose(from Rex) = walala wa sala
Waterhole = qivi
Dam = damu


Crocodile = ngwenya
Monitor Lizard(rock) = ngwahle
Monitor Lizard(water) = ngwehle
Terrapin = xigamba
Tortoise(leopard) = futsu

Black Mamba = mamba
Blind Snake = rikhurhi
Cobras = mfezi
Puff Adder =mbuyuya
Pythons =nhlarhu

Buzzard = ngama
Duck = dada
Eagles = ngama
Goose = dada
Ostrich = yinca
Owls = xikhovha
Pigeon = ngwamba
Spoonbill = ngumba
Storks = ngumba
Vulture = koti
Woodpecker = gogoswana

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This Week @ WildEarth # 3

Thanks to everyone for creating weekly highlights, WE have once again had some great viewing. It is great for us to see all the sightings that have happened throughout the week edited together with great music and voice over. Please keep them coming, WE love them and it makes us so proud that you are so creative and talented. Some of my favorites are 'weekly highlights' by Sagresta and 'A week of kitties' by koloakid but the winner this week is Shelbelle33 for her video called 'A week of them watching us'.

Thanks for this Shelbelle. You really managed to get all the highlights in and the music was daring but it really worked. I would never have thought that rave music would work with animals but I loved it. The animals almost felt like they were moving in time with the music, it was great. Thanks again and please try again next week.
This week Marco will do his behind the scenes show at 15.30 CAT on Friday 20th June and then repeat it after the drive at 19.00CAT. WE hope that you enjoy it and that you give making a highights video a go.

(Notes and News: The Jiga has been over heating, as I am sure you have all noticed. Well Jan has spent the whole day trying to get the thermostat out, but for a variety of reasons has not yet succeeded. His farewell party is tonight so we have insisted that he stop working on it (he wanted to carry on). This means that the job is not yet done and the game drive tomorrow morning will have to be canceled ... sorry. WE just cannot afford to drive the Jiga until this problem is fixed, if the engine broke because WE over heated it, the cost of replacement would be just too big ... WE are sure that you understand ... its in your nature.
Jan will be doing a farewell drive on Friday afternoon, but more about that in tomorrows Blog post ... dedicated to Jan the man.
Don't forget to send in your questions or discussion topics for the fire side chat this Sunday night to WE love this new show and look forward to hearing about what you want to talk about.)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Some great WE videos

Once again I have been trawling through the videos section on our WE social network site and I have found some great new additions. This section has grown quickly, there are now 328 videos an it is increasing every day. WE love to watch them and thank you for your support. It is truly wonderful to have such creative and enthusiastic viewers. I have attached a few videos that I have found over the past week that I really enjoyed. I hope you like them.

Sunrise in Africa by Shiloh.

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This is truly beautiful. There is something about watching the African sunset that sends shivers down my spine. We do not make enough of the sunsets and sunrises. The music goes with this perfectly and it is a great piece. I also love the fact that it is sprinkled with beautiful shots of wildlife, many of which are babies. Babies for me always sell, I could watch them until the comes come home. This is beautifully edited and the shots are chosen with great care. Thanks Shiloh and well done.

The Elephant Bull by edpbs

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Well, this really was the highlight of the WE week. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, I couldn't believe it. I was pretty sure that Marco had it in hand but you never know. I must admit I was quite scared. This elephant was in full musth and he was not happy. It was so amazing to get it on the waterhole cameras as well because then we saw exactly how close he came to the vehicle. At one stage I thought he could reach out and touch Alex's back. It was a great sighting in which Marco and Alex handled both the driving and the camerawork fantastically. Thanks for recording this, its a moment I will probably never forget.

Wildearth - My first video. My week at Wildearth by Koloakid

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Because this is your first ever video and it is so beautifully put together I wanted to publish it here on the blog. It is actually some highlights from the week before last but it doesn't matter as it has some really beautiful stuff in. I thought the music fitted very well and your transitions between shots were nothing short of perfection. Thanks for making the effort and well done. please keep it up.

Happy Trails Jan by Barbw

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Well what a sad moment and something that I wanted to publish on this blog as it is a highlight of the week, even though it is no really a happy one. WE are losing Jan for the next few months and to say that WE will miss him is an understatement. I think it was great that he let you, the audience know LIVE on air and I think by the sound of his voice and the watery eyes he is also very sad to go. Thanks for showing us this Barb, once again your have made a lovely video.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Fireside Chat Show

On Sunday 15th June 2008 WE have decided to do a fireside chat with the WildEarth crew. WE thought that it would be nice for y'all to send in questions and discussion topics that you would like to hear discussed by our crew. Remember to keep it based around the animals and our content rather than the business, and also remember that WE will not be able to answer every question that comes in. The chat will only be for about 20 minutes and so the most interesting questions and discussions will be chosen. If this works well then WE will do it every Sunday and then maybe we can carry questions over to the next week. Please send your ideas and questions to
The chat will start after the evening drive at 7pm CAT and this week it will be Pieter, Rexon, Marco, Jan and Alex.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Up Close and Personal with Mojo

Well, this is a face we have grown to know and love. Over the past few weeks, this white-tailed mongoose has made his appearance in front of our cameras over and over, and has become extremely habituated and comfortable with our presence. He has very fittingly been named Mojo. It has been a fantastic privilege to be on drive and out at night with the infrared equipment and spend the amount of time we have with Mojo and just sit and watch his nocturnal behavior. I have in my years as a guide seen many white-tailed mongooses, but never have I had such an opportunity to get this close and been able to watch their behavior with no interference. It has been fantastic, and Mojo has become a much enjoyed character for all the WE team and viewers. After drive one night, Alex and I spent a little bit of time with Mojo to see what he got up to and try and get some photos, and were very happy with the result. He was very relaxed around us and at one point he was within 5 metres of our vehicle. Here is his profile pic, hope you like it.

Written by Marco Tonoli

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

This week @ WildEarth TW@WE #2

We all sat around and watched and discussed ...

Once again the weekly highlights have been great with lots of viewers creating wonderful videos. I have really enjoyed going through them and have been wowed at the editing and producing skills. From this week WE have decided to change the format slightly. The sighting week will run from Wednesday to Wednesday instead of Friday to Friday. Also instead of filming Pieter's show LIVE on a Friday when he presents to you the sightings from the week, WE are going to pre-record it and add it to Marco's behind the scenes show. This will be easier for you the filmmakers, as all the parts of the package will be shown together. It will still occur at 3.30pm CAT on Friday 13th June but this week Rexon and Marco will be doing the show as Pieter is on leave.
It was again extremely hard to pick a winner from the fantastic selection of highlight videos made. I would like to say a very well done to LadyVerde for Week In Review June 6, 2008, Aquila for WE Weekly Highlights May 30- June 6 2008 and last weeks winner Valorie for Wildearth Weekly Highlights WK2. Thanks also to Banditt066 for WildEarth Weekly Highlights, it was very well put together especially as I know that it is hard for you to see any of the drives during the week. They are definitely all worth watching and show a variety of different skills. However, this week I must make Sagresta the winner.

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Her video called Weekly Highlights was absolutely amazing. She had music that was well chosen and the editing is very professional. I personally enjoyed the use of effects and felt all in all it was a very good watch. Thanks Sagresta and well done.
Written by Emily Wallington

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Some great WE videos

The WE weekly highlights have been going for 2 weeks now and it is working really well. WE love the new concept and hope that you guys enjoy watching the Friday shows and making the videos. Please keep your weekly highlights coming in, WE are loving them. I will post the winner and some of the best ones on the Blog on Tuesday so it gives you a couple more days to produce something. Today I just wanted to post some of the other videos that have been created over the last little while. As usual our creative viewers have made a great variety of films covering many different topics. I have picked three of my favorites, I hope that you enjoy them and well done to the film-makers.

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
A little Bit of Heaven - Barbw
This is absolutely fabulous. Firstly the visuals are amazing. The stills that you chose really encompass what WE do. They have covered so many different sightings and moments, it is great to watch. Secondly the music really makes it. It is very African and totally emotional. It was a very clever choice and coupled with the wonderful pictures and great editing this film gave me goose bumps. The bush really is a little bit of heaven and Barb showed us this very creatively. Well done and thanks.

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Cape Buffalo and Djuma Game Reserve - edpbs
This has to be watched. Buffalo are usually found in large herds and there are some huge ones at Djuma. This film has been beautifully created with herds of buffalo moving across the land in the mist to wild west type music. This music is made for these shots and the editing is very well done. I really enjoy the pace of this film - in fact I could watch it over and over again. well done edpbs.

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
Mapogo Boys kill again - Ms Charlie and the students.
Well they are back again and still on their killing spree. The Mapogos are a very dramatic pride of lions and this piece of film-making has really caught their personalities. The music is very epic, just like the lions and shows us the pure power that these animals really have in the Sabi Sands. The shots are good and the editing is well produced. Well done and thanks for the effort.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Guess who is back?

Well this morning Pieter and Alex met up with the meanest, and now most infamous, coalition of lions WE have ever known ... the Mapogos. The fella in the picture is the one Pieter has started calling: Shaka. That look in the eye really sent a shiver down Alex's spine. He said it felt like Shaka saw right into his soul ... a look only a Mapogo can have. As I am sure you have all begun to notice, WildEarth's logo is the eye. Not any particular eye, just an animal's eye looking back at us. It is meant to signify the watching that WE all do in the wild, but also the realization that the animals watch us too. That there is a connection between the crew on the Jiga, you the viewer and these beautiful animals.
It looks like the Mapogos killed a buffalo bull near Twin dams last night. Pieter thinks that it could have been one of the old dagga boys that WE have often seen around the area, and maybe one of Seesaw's group. He ran into that small herd at Treehouse dam this morning and one of the other bulls had fresh cuts on his rump suggesting that he was in the wars over night. In any event there is quite a lot of meat so the Mapogos should be around for at least a day ... maybe two.
The WildEarth social network has really taken off, which WE are really excited about. So many photos, videos, forums, groups and its awesome to read your Blogs and look at each persons personal profile page. Well done, we suspect that this will go from strength to strength. Some of the crew have created profiles already so go ahead make 'friends' with Pieter, Marco, Alex and Jan.
Pieter has gone on leave for two weeks, Rex is back and rested. Don't forget that Marco will be
presenting this weeks behind the scenes action at 15h30 CAT on Friday afternoon (tomorrow). This weekend will be our second viewer produced highlights ... and WE just can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
(As I write this Rexon has already seen Rhino and Buffalo. We have had elephant at the waterhole ... is this our second Big 5 drive of all time?)

Monday, 2 June 2008

This Week at WildEarth - TW@WE

WE are so bowled over by the videos you made for our first highlights show. Those of you that made the effort to make a film need to give yourselves a big pat on the back. Not only were you involved in another 'world first' that WE are sure will go down in wildlife film-making history, but you completely exceeded our expectations.
We have found it really difficult to choose the 'winner' of the first WE highlights of the week. There was such a diverse, emotional and compelling selection of videos to choose from.
Muttluva gave us one of the longer highlights with lots of sightings:
WildEarth/Djuma Week In Review May 23-30th 2008. Sagresta's WildEarth Behind the Scenes & Highlights was very entertaining and while maintaining the target length managed to get lots of sightings and behind the scenes in . Banditt066's Working For A Living was true to style ... well edited, great music and fast paced. Ms Charlie and the Kids in the Nest produced It's in Their Nature, which made all of us at WildEarth feel like wildlife TV heroes.
In the end it has to be Valorie that WE declare the winner this week ...

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Valorie you obviously put a lot of effort into your production and it shows. Not only did you balance the behind the scenes material with the wildlife perfectly, but your editing was excellent. Your sound editing however is what set your production apart. The choice of music set just the right emotional tone and your selection of voice over worked a charm. Well done.
Don't forget that this Friday WE will be doing the second behind the scenes show, only this time at 15h30 CAT so that we don't take daylight from the game drive, which will start at 16h00 as usual.
WE can't wait to see your next creations ... we're lovin your work ... it's in our nature.