Sunday, 18 May 2008

WE Video Highlights

Once again this week there has been a large amount of creative work done in the form of videos made by our talented viewers. A huge thank you to all of you who have added your work to the WE social network site, it has been great viewing. I have chosen six of my favourites made by Sagresta, Aquila, Valorie, Anne Rogers and Ms Charlie. They are all absolutely brilliant and depict a great week at WildEarth. Thanks, keep it up, its in your nature!

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Frere Jacques - By Aquila
This is incredibly talented, well done Aquila. Firstly I love the french nursery rhyme. I went to school in the UK and I learnt this rhyme as a child. It brings back lots of memories. The way that you have made the mouth stop chewing when the words stop is brilliant and I can really imagine that the steenbok is singing. The voice is lovely and exactly what I imagine a female steenbok would sound like. Its a piece of brilliance and it will go down in the WE archives - thank you.

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Pieter's Adventures - By Ms Charlie
Well this really was a highlight of the week. This little elephant has become a real character and was properly showing off to Pieter. At first I thought it was injured and then I realised it was doing a kind of dance -amazing. Well done to Ms Charlie for picking this piece of music, it really does fit. It was very well executed and ended up being a great little video. Hopefully there will be many more with this little feller. Thanks.

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WildEarth Video - by Valorie
Well done Valorie for this fantastic montage of WE moments. You certainly picked the best shots in that the animals are clear and close up which is important. The choice of shots went very well together and you managed to get each and every staff member in there equally spaced throughout. The music gave me goose bumps. It is a wonderful song and very emotional which also makes for a successful film. The editing was great and I especially likes the pixelated transition between shots. I really really enjoyed it and although it was made the week before last I had to include it in my favourites for this week. Thanks Valorie, you are very talented.

Ellie Tell Overture - By Sagresta
I really enjoyed this piece of music with this herd of ellies. Its a great tune with its crescendos and it especially worked well when the ellies were fighting near the end of the clip. It felt like they were actually moving in time to the music. Thanks Sagresta,I really enjoyed this.

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Sandy Patch last of her Pride - By Aquila
Once again Aquila this is brilliant. Firstly everyone is talking about the fact that there is only one member of the Sandy Patch Pride left. It is extremely sad and you have really showed this in your video, it almost made me cry. She looks so lonely and lost. I absolutely love the music which is sad and melancholy and the colour is also amazing. That sepia grade really makes it. It is truly creative - well done.

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White Cloth- By Sagresta
I had to include this as it was a wonderful moment. The realization that White Cloth is pregnant was very exciting. From both the look of her belly and the fact that she is behaving quite strangely I would say that she is not far from giving birth. How exciting! Some new tiny cubs to see, I can't wait. Thanks Sagresta for capturing this, its an important time.

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Walking My Family Back Home - By Anne Rogers
There has been a lot of ellies featured this week, but to be honest ,I love them and there are a lot around at the moment. This video is not only very creative but unbelievably beautiful as well. Firstly I love the almost comical music that goes so well with the family walking along that ridge. I also love the fact that you can still hear Pieter with the music, that is a nice touch. Finally as Pieter said it is serenely beautiful with the ellies silhouetted on the ridge - and obviously the little one makes it, it is so cute. well done Anne for another great video - this is a winner.
Written by Emily Wallington
(Note: WE are aware that there is a problem with the WildEarth stream on the OneNetPlace server (we received hundreds of mails, thank you). It is not yet clear exactly what is going on, we have not received any info from OneNetPlace. The minute we know what happened and when it will be resolved we will let you know. Lets hope that it is up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic videos everyone !!!


Linj USA said...

I am blown away at the talent and creativity that our community of "Love Of All Things Africa" has! Magnificent job and congratulations in being chosen for this WE honor! Thank you Graham and Emily for including all of us in your 'family' at WE! WE are indeed honored! I have to say that all of these videos were wonderful but my favorite is the vid of the Sandy Patch female lion! I could, quite literally, feel her lonliness softly ebbing around her and it struck a deep chord in me!! Like I said before, MAGNIFICENT -- and I did cry Emily!

suack said...

I have only now found time to watch the selection of videos and I must say enjoyed them all enormously cant even pick a favourite really as they were all great there are some really talented people out there thank you so much for sharing them all with us