Sunday, 11 May 2008

Video highlights from the past two weeks.

I have posted six of my favourite WE videos made by you, the viewers over the past two weeks. Many things have happened recently and these are wonderful creative snapshots of these events. You guys never cease to amaze me with your capturing and editing skills. Some of them are very funny and others truly emotional but all are very talented. Thanks to Banditt, AlydraDivine, Sagresta, WorldTeachers and edpbs for your work. Keep it up, WE love it and it's in your nature!

Written by Emily Wallington.


ellespot said...

I love Pieter's photographs I wonder if they are available as a poster? or print?


Anonymous said...

Loved all the videos you had for us this week.

I think my favorite was "Field of Gold". What amazing photography - just stunningly beautiful. And the music - I actually went to school with Eva Cassidy so it just blew my mind to hear her song "Field of Gold". Too bad she is no longer with us as she was an amazing artist.

I also was happy to see Pieter found the leopard we were desperately looking for on the drive the other day.

Please continue to list videos each week.

I just love this website!!!!

Valorie said...

I love that you are showing some highlights of the past couple weeks.. Thanks Emily!