Wednesday, 14 May 2008

... a moment frozen in time ...

What an amazing, fun and ultimately vivid visual memory of that precise moment.
Photography, to paint with light! Yet again, on Saturday May10th, brought US incredible elephants! WE were able to share this, all live, across the globe. That, in itself, is a prodigious and amazing experience. Continuous, unbroken photographs, giving you a LIVE, living experience of the African bush.
Most importantly, you can share the nature of this experience, hold it in your heart, but you can also participate in more tactile ways, asking questions, taking photos, making videos ... and being here, NOW!
I am rambling now, and will get back to the elephants last night in a few moments. What I want to say, and ask, is that a lot of WildEarth's magic, lies in the experience of sharing these moments, first and foremost, live, but also on so many other levels and depths. Graham and Emily have been very busy creating more 'spaces' and WE are now also able to share words, thoughts, sounds, moments and pictures. If you can, post your pics to the WE Flickr pool and join the WildEarth network, it's pretty cool! Also, you can follow out LIVE 'tweets' from the final control by registering at Twitter and following WildEarth.
Now to get back to last night. Thank you, on a personal level, for the photos you took of me and the ellie at the pan, it is really appreciated. I want to share a few of my moments I captured the other day.
I've come to think of the young bull as 'Little Moon', partly because last night there was a little half moon in the west, and partly from the half moon notches I could notice in his right ear. The large cow, which seems to be the matriarch of the large herd, I will call 'Auntie V', after the V in the top of her left ear, and after a friend of mine who has spent a large part of her life in the bush. Then, 'Somali', with her little herd of four. After looking at photo's, I realized there are two, almost identical Somali's. Both with two of their calves with them, both with only a left tusk, and both with the same type Somali notch, only the notch is on opposite ears from each other, uncanny.
I'm not going to elaborate on these amazing creatures called elephants now, by the looks of it, there will be ample live opportunities that WE can all share with ellies over the next few months! For now, I hope you like these photo's, I particularly enjoyed the movement in many of the shots. Looking forward to seeing your photo's on Flickr.
Share the moment, feel the emotion, and enjoy our WildEarth!
Written by Pieter Pretorius


ellespot said...

I continue to be amazed at how beautiful and awesome elephants truly are!?
Pieter, your photographs capture a sense of strength, not the physical but kind of a more ethereal feeling for me at least! Even the young calf already seems to know that one day he will be a force to be reckoned with.
It must be such an overwhelming feeling to witness first ahnd. I love how the whole WE team is blown away agaian and again, no matter how mant times you see these animals.

cheers from Toronto

Stacy said...

I am far beyond impressed with all of the WE additions lately! I love looking through the flickr photos to see what has been added daily and to add my own. (sorry for flooding it! lol) The new WE network that Graham has put together is fantastic too! I look forward to blogging over there as well!

Here is to many, many more game drives!


Anonymous said...

You have the heart and soul of a poet. I love reading your blogs! Please keep it up.
Sharon in Texas

Claire-M. from Karulaland said...

Well, yes "... a moment frozen in time ...", for you and many others, but not for me ... that afternoon my modem had decided to "freeze for a long time on my game drive time" ...

What? 2 Somali? Are the 2nd Somali calves are both males also? What if I give my heart to the second one when I think she's my Somalie? I suppose I'll have to find a bigger heart to love them both!!!

Where are the videos of those moments? I'm lost!

Pieter, please sit down and write about that "moment in your freezer", please!